Sunday 9 October

  • Moderator | Pray for the Moderator, the Rt Rev Dr John Kirkpatrick, in the many individual meetings he has. Pray for wisdom and the leading of God’s Spirit in both conversations of a pastoral nature and those where there is an opportunity to witness to the Lord Jesus.
  • Worship: Sing to God | Sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvellous things. Psalm 98:1. Give thanks for the marvellous things God has done and ask that your worship today might be filled with the music of the fresh gratitude of a thankful heart.

Monday 10 October

  • St Petersburg Christian University | Founded in 1990, the mission of the University is to provide accredited higher education based on evangelical values. Pray for the University to have an increasingly fruitful impact despite facing significant challenges at this time.
  • CCAP Zambia | The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) is the largest Protestant denomination in Malawi, with Synods also in Zambia & Harare. Pray for God’s wisdom & guidance for the Zambia Synod’s leadership team.

Tuesday 11 October

  • Rev John Coulter (chaplain, University of Ulster, Coleraine) | Pray for John’s contacts and relationships with students and staff to develop following the disruption caused by Covid-19. Pray for a spiritual openness and hunger among students and staff.
  • Strand, Belfast | Pray for the café which happens in the foyer area on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, that it will be a blessing to those in the community and that God’s presence will be felt as people gather to spend time together.

Wednesday 12 October

  • Diane Cusick (global mission worker, Zambia) | Pray for Diane as she continues to convalesce following illness and for the follow up medical appointments she will attend. Pray also for God’s guidance and timing in returning to work with CCAP Zambia Synod.
  • The Evangelical Christian Church in Halmahera (GMIH) | GMIH represents about half the population on the island of Halmahera in Indonesia and has a very strong emphasis on mission. Pray for the life, witness and unity of the Church and the training of new ministers.

Thursday 13 October

  • Mark Annett (community outreach worker, First Rathfriland) | Pray for the GB and BB companies as they restart, and for new and willing leaders to come forward. Pray for the midweek Bible studies and prayer meetings, that they would be a time of great encouragement and challenge in the time of vacancy.
  • Taughmonagh, Belfast | Pray for the congregation’s DVD club and Coffee and Craft club. Give thanks for several new faces at Sunday worship. Pray for persistence for the post-primary drop-in, as it struggles to restart.

Friday 14 October

  • Sickness | Pray for the residents and staff in our Social Witness homes, that they will remain healthy and well as winter approaches. Remember all at Corkey House as they deal with an outbreak of flu – pray for a speedy recovery.
  • Council for Public Affairs | The Council for Public Affairs Republic of Ireland Panel met earlier this week. Pray for wisdom and guidance for Rev William Hayes and the Panel as they seek to make a positive contribution to the public square.

Saturday 15 October

  • General Council | The General Assembly’s General Council oversees a range of standing committees and ad-hoc task groups, many of whom have been meeting in the autumn period. Pray for the conveners of these groups as they finalise reports for the next full meeting of the Council, to be held on Thursday 27 October.
  • Training in Ministry | The Conciliation Service is holding training for new conciliators last night and today. Give thanks for those who have offered themselves for service in this area, and for the blessings that the service has brought to individuals and congregations – where conflict has been dealt with, and avoided.