Sunday 9 May

  • Moderator | As congregations in the Republic have been prevented from worshipping face to face for many months, pray for their encouragement as some restrictions may ease in coming weeks.
  • Worshipping God with desire | ‘As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.’ Psalm 42:1. With such a long period of being unable to gather to worship God, pray that our desire for him and to meet together as his people would be undimmed.

Monday 10 May

  • Covid-19 | Pray for all affected by Covid-19 around the world; those who have the virus, those recovering from the virus, and those who have lost loved ones. Pray for people around the world who are suffering due to pressures on healthcare systems and those suffering great hardship due to economic effects of the pandemic.
  • India | Pray especially for the people of India where the pandemic is devastating. Sadly, a number of ministers of our partner the Church of North India have died. Pray for the church at this difficult time.

Tuesday 11 May

  • Healthcare Chaplains | Pray for all involved in PCI healthcare chaplaincy work. Pray that they will bring words of reassurance, comfort, strength and encouragement to patients, staff and family members.
  • Kilkenny | Give thanks that online Bible Study and Fellowship Groups are continuing during the challenges of vacancy and lockdown. Ask the Lord to guide and bless the congregation, and pray that very soon it would be possible to appoint a new minister. Pray too for Rev David Conkey (vacancy convener).

Wednesday 12 May

  • Edwin & Anne Kibathi (global mission workers to East Africans in the UK) | Give thanks that the congregation in London and fellowship groups in England are now starting to meet in-person and remember them in prayer.
  • South Sudan | Pray for the ministry and witness of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan as well as their peace-building and humanitarian work. The United Nations recently warned that the slow pace of reforms and political disputes risks the return of a large-scale conflict. Pray for wise political leadership, progress and peace.

Thursday 13 May

  • Forces Chaplains | There are currently 10 ministers serving full-time as chaplains across the three services in the UK. Most are based at home; some are deployed overseas. Often, they can be away from home & family for long periods of time. Pray for their safety, their families & their ongoing ministry to service personnel of all ranks.
  • Limerick | Pray for Rev Stephen Hancock and the United Presbyterian and Methodist congregation of Limerick.

Friday 14 May

  • Social Witness | Pray for all aspects of Older Peoples Services as they continue to work in a stressful and challenging environment. Pray for our residents as they look forward to a more relaxed visiting regime. Give thanks to our Heavenly Father, that we are again Covid-19 free in our homes.
  • Council for Public Affairs | A number of the Council’s Panels are meeting around this time. Pray for them as they consider the Church’s voice on different issues in the public square including education, peace and reconciliation, human identity, wellbeing and welfare.

Saturday 15 May

  • General Council | Pray for the Clerk of the General Assembly, the Rev Trevor Gribben in his ongoing work, especially in terms of his liaison with other churches and governments in relation to Covid-19.  Pray for the meeting of the four Clerks of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland taking place this week.
  • Council for Training in Ministry | Refresher training for Accredited Preachers is provided annually so they can develop their thinking and practice of preaching. Andrew Faulkner is leading the training this year, which will be online. Give thanks for Accredited Preachers throughout Ireland, and pray that the Lord would bless them through this training, and use them as they lead worship and preach his word.