In this moment

A prayer for wise witness in a post pandemic wasteland
Lord of softly spoken truth,
I hear the volume of life steadily rising,
Redeeming Father,
you so love this world,
that you gave your one and only Son,
so that anyone who believes in him,
need not perish, but can receive eternal life.
Right now this world needs to know your love so much.
In my worlds of family, friends, neighbours and colleagues,
so much has perished in this post pandemic wasteland.
The loss of loved ones is deeply felt,
the loss of certainty and security has exposed new fears,
the loss of confidence in just being together,
has created a cavern of distance between us.
It would be so easy to say,
“I told you so, this is what happens when we ignore God”.
And you have told us so much,
that explains the brokenness of the world because of sin,
that exposes our individual contributions to that dysfunction,
in the ways in which we fail to love you,
and our neighbour as ourselves.
And yet, I need to remember in my witness to others,
that you did not send your Son into the world to condemn it,
but to save the world through him.
So help me in my thoughts and words and deeds,
my attitudes and actions,
to find the tenor of truth,
and the tone of grace,
that is wise and winsome,
in welcoming the hurting to find healing,
the weary to find rest,
the fearful to find peace,
in Jesus.
In whose name we pray.

Sunday 9 August

Return to worshipping together

  • Give thanks that circumstances now allow congregations to begin to gather for worship once again, asking God to go before each church in planning, preparations and weekly arrangements.
  • Pray especially for those who prepare buildings, clean and ensure necessary arrangements for everyone’s safety, asking God to use their gifts and bless their work for his kingdom.

Monday 10 August


  • Give thanks for those who continued to serve in the retail trade throughout the pandemic and lockdown, providing for the supply of all our daily needs.
  • Pray for those working in retail as they continue to face the challenges of supply and providing a safe shopping environment, asking that God would prosper and provide through the vital service they offer.

Tuesday 11 August

The poor and disadvantaged

  • Pray for those whose financial situation has particularly deteriorated due to the coronavirus pandemic, asking God to help them make ends meet and receive the help they need to survive.
  • The impact of coronavirus has highlighted once again the uneven distribution of wealth, diversity of health and obstacles to opportunity in society. Pray for disadvantaged communities, asking God to help us all to do what we can to support and enable those most in need.

Wednesday 12 August


  • Give thanks to God for PCI deaconesses who serve in congregations, chaplaincy and mission, asking God to use their gifts and bless their ministries as church and society continues to respond to the pain of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Pray for those who have been received into training for the diaconate but whose course has been paused, asking that God would continue to confirm in them his calling to service and hone their gifts.

Thursday 13 August

Global Mission

  • Give thanks to God for PCI global mission workers serving in churches and communities across the globe, asking that God would use their gifts and bless their witness as the world continues to respond to the pain of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Pray for the many expressions of Christ’s church and witness to his love represented by PCI partner churches and specialist services agencies, asking God to spread the light of the gospel in many lives.

Friday 14 August

Those receiving treatment for life threatening diseases

  • Give thanks that with coronavirus cases remaining low, the treatment of many other life threatening diseases has recommenced, asking God to help those who offer treatment to quickly clear the backlog that has built up.
  • Pray for those worrying about unexplored symptoms during the height of the coronavirus, asking God to give them courage to pursue examination and treatment if necessary.

Saturday 15 August

The Moderator

  • Give thanks for the leadership of the Moderator, Right Rev Dr David Bruce, as he continues to speak into the world of church and society in these turbulent times, asking God for continued wisdom and strength.
  • Pray for the Moderator’s weekly online worship service, asking that he would continue to be able to bring a timely word from God for our church and that it would prove a blessing to his people.