Sunday 9 April

  • Moderator | “Why are you weeping?” John 20:15. Today should help dry our tears and ease our sorrows. Praying that the truth of the resurrection will impact deeply in our hearts and lives, giving us courage, boldness and faith.
  • Worship: Easter Sunday | Ask that God would enable us to experience afresh as we worship the wonder of his love for us in Jesus and the resurrection power that makes us more than conquerors over all that stands against us in our lives.

Monday 10 April

  • St Petersburg Christian University, Russia | Pray for the ongoing resourcing of the University, much wisdom for its leadership, and for clear, focused thinking by the students during these challenging and unsettling times.
  • Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, Malawi| Pray for the CCAP Synods as they coordinate their emergency response to Cyclone Freddy, and for the thousands of Malawians in need of food, shelter and warm clothing.

Tuesday 11 April

  • PCI forces chaplains | Pray for the nine full-time chaplains as they seek to engage with people of every rank and differing degrees of gospel interest and understanding. Pray for the four reserve chaplains who must balance congregational duties with their reserve duties.
  • Carrigart and Dunfanaghy | Pray for both congregations as they prepare for a busy summer. In June, Jack Neilly will be welcomed as the summer assistant and at the beginning of August, Niall Moore and a team from Windsor Baptist will be running holiday Bible clubs and other youth events in the churches.

Wednesday 12 April

  • Diane Cusick (global mission worker, Zambia) | Pray for Diane to be strengthened in body, mind and soul, for the decision-making needed to move towards her return to Zambia, and the writing of workshops for teachers.
  • Minority Focus, Nepal | Pray for Dr Narayan Maharjan, chairman, and the staff of Minority Focus as they work to resource and develop godly Christian leaders who will serve as salt and light throughout Nepali society.

Thursday 13 April

  • Jason Sime, community outreach worker in Alexandra | Pray for the congregation as it seeks to partner with other groups to start a local homework club and remember the plans for this year’s school uniform project. Pray for the upcoming outreach ministries including plans for the Coronation and potential CAP Money Courses.
  • Cootehill, Drum and Kilmount | Pray for plans that are beginning to be made for ministry to children and young people for summer 2023; the annual holiday Bible club, the PCI Summer Team, as well as for members of the congregation involved in organising the “Intents” summer camp along with other local churches from across Cavan and Monaghan.

Friday 14 April

  • Social Witness | Give thanks for the Social Witness staff, as well as the many volunteers involved in the Council’s work, as they serve & undertake a range of roles in our homes & services – assisting with outings & activities; leading Bible studies, garden upkeep etc. Pray for Kenneth Downes, volunteer intern, giving thanks for the joy he brings.
  • Peace | As the eyes of the world focus on Northern Ireland in the coming days through events to mark the 25th anniversary of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement, pray for the work that is still needed to bring about a peaceful and just society, and that those who find that these events bring up difficult and painful memories may find comfort.

Saturday 15 April

  • General Council | Pray for the General Council as it meets this Tuesday, 18 April – finalising reports for the General Assembly in June. Pray especially for the conveners bringing reports to the Council meeting and for the Council as it makes a number of important decisions.
  • Training in Ministry | Heather Healy and Cathy Smith, the two student deaconesses, are reaching the end of their second college year and preparing to serve full-time over the summer in their placement congregations. Pray for them, that the Lord will use this period to prepare and equip them for future service.