Sunday 6 March

  • Moderator | Following on from the Moderator’s letter sent to all churches last Sunday, please continue to pray that the conflict in the Ukraine would not spread further, that those who have lost loved ones will be comforted, and those who find themselves without homes would be led to places of welcome and shelter. Pray for the Christian churches in Ukraine, for their endurance, protection and faithful witness in the face of this time of trial.
  • Worship: Expecting God’s presence | As we worship today ask God to help us to come expecting to meet with him and seeking his face.

Monday 7 March

  • Ukraine | Pray for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the war. Pray for a de-escalation of the tensions between countries. Pray for all affected, especially the grieving, the injured, and those whose homes have been destroyed. Pray for people sheltering in fear, those fighting for freedom and those protesting for peace.
  • Ukraine | Remember especially the large Christian community in Ukraine. Pray that they will know the Lord is with them in these difficult days and turn to him for their strength. Pray too that they will be a witness to others.

Tuesday 8 March

  • Forces chaplains | Pray for our forces chaplains as they provide pastoral care and support to members of the armed forces and lead services of worship and prayers.
  • Forces | Remember all who serve in the armed forces. Pray for their protection and safety, and that they will put their hope and trust in the Lord. Remember also their families from whom many are separated for long periods of time.

Wednesday 9 March

  • Refugees/Displaced | Pray for the millions of people around the world who are refugees or displaced. Pray especially for those who have recently fled due to the war in Ukraine. Pray they will find safety, shelter, water and food. Pray they will receive both emergency humanitarian aid and the longer term help they need.
  • Aid Agencies | Pray for aid agencies and governments trying to help refugees and displaced people, especially in Eastern Europe including for our partner church’s ‘Hungarian Reformed Church Aid’ as it seeks to provide humanitarian assistance to those fleeing Ukraine and to people still living in Ukraine.

Thursday 10 March

  • Healthcare chaplains | Pray for protection, strength, stamina and encouragement for hospital staff and PCI healthcare chaplains who have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic. For those in hospital, pray for healing, and pray for patients and their families to seek strength, comfort and peace in Christ.
  • Rural Chaplain | Pray for Kenny Hanna, PCI Rural Chaplain as he seeks opportunities to help farmers and families with mental health needs. Pray for the ‘Look After Yourself’ event at Markethill livestock market on 12 March.

Friday 11 March

  • Social Witness | Please pray for the Council’s Business and Finance Panel as it considers how best to use resources available for its work. Pray that the Panel will be blessed with wisdom in the decisions it makes, with courage to face the challenges ahead and with compassion for the many people who depend on this ministry.
  • Cost of living | Pray for those who are feeling pressure due to the rising cost of living. Give thanks for organisations like CAP, Storehouse and the Trussell Trust seeking to help people in times of need. Pray for politicians and decision makers as they try to find ways to mitigate the impact in the short and longer term.

Saturday 12 March

  • General Council | Pray for young people in schools whose educational pathways have been disrupted – especially for those facing significant examinations and/or assessments this year. Pray that they will know the peace of God in challenging times. Pray also for the work of all educators as they try to resume a normal curriculum and encourage all those for whom they are responsible.
  • Training in Ministry | Pray for ministers from other churches who are in the process of transferring to become eligible for a call to a PCI congregation: Mariann Gilicze (Hungary); Tagle Aguiar (Cuba); Elsye McCroskery (Indonesia); Trevor Kane and Mark Haugh, both originally from Northern Ireland.