Sunday 4 October

  • Moderator | Pray for the Moderator as he embarks on his first Presbytery Tour of Down. Pray for him as he preaches in Killinchy, Second Comber and Trinity, Boardmills, as he engages with civic officials and for the opportunity to encourage all members of Presbytery.
  • Harvest season | Pray for the many harvest services that will take place this month, asking that through them we would be reminded to be thankful to God and generous in sharing his blessings.

Monday 5 October

  • Global partners in education | Pray for our global partners in educational establishments e.g. Faculté Jean Calvin (France), Gujarat United School of Theology (India), as they adjust to new ways of learning, including online classes and assessments in areas where internet may be unreliable.
  • Leaders in Training | PCI currently supports 15 students around the world, studying subjects ranging from theology to medicine. Pray for these students as they continue to learn despite disruptions from Covid-19.

Tuesday 6 October

  • Chaplaincy | Pray for PCI chaplains who are serving in the Forces and in prisons. Give thanks for those using their gifts in very specialized and often demanding situations.
  • Chaplaincy | Pray for the people these chaplains minister to, both those who value the Christian support they receive and those who have a limited knowledge of faith. Pray that the chaplains would be able to show and share faith in all these situations.

Wednesday 7 October

  • Derek and Jane French | Derek and Jane are based in Bilbao, Spain where there is a high number of cases
    of Covid-19. Pray for wisdom for the government as they make important decisions about the pandemic response throughout the country.
  • Bilbao International Church | Pray for the church, in the early stages of meeting again in person for services. Pray for wisdom and strength for church leaders as they offer pastoral support and guidance.

Thursday 8 October

  • Eglinton | Pray for Sam Scott, community outreach worker in Eglinton, north Belfast, particularly as he
    makes and maintains contact with new church attendees and those returning after long absences.
  • Cloughey | Pray for Michelle Stewart, community outreach worker in Cloughey as she connects with those living on the Ards Peninsula. Pray that she would be able to share God’s love with those around the church.

Friday 9 October

  • Social Witness | Give thanks for God’s protection of our work & witness. Give thanks for dedicated staff, often going the extra mile in their caring of residents & tenants. Pray for residents & tenants as they meet
    the daily challenges of Covid-19. Pray for family & friends struggling with restricted contact with loved ones.
  • Vaccine development | Give thanks for the many people working on a vaccine to provide immunity against Covid-19. Pray that they would continue to make quick progress to find a safe and cost-effective result.

Saturday 10 October

  • General Council | Pray for the officers of the General Council Standing Committee as they deal with annual items of business; assessments & stipends etc. and report to the Council for decisions. Pray especially for the Financial Secretary, Clive Knox and the Support Services Committee Convener, David Thomson.
  • Union Theological College | Pray for Profs Stafford Carson (Principal) and Gordon Campbell (Principal Designate), as they lead the College, having to make challenging decisions for the well-being of the College and its staff and students in these exceptional times.