Sunday 30 May

  • Moderator | As the Moderator makes plans to visit congregations in person, pray that these meetings would be a blessing and demonstrate how the Presbyterian family in Ireland belongs together.
  • Worship as testimony | ‘I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful’ Psalm 9:1. Today as we worship in person, online or on our own, pray that our hearts may be granted the words to thank God and to remember all the wonderful ways he shows us his love.

Monday 31 May

  • Naomi Leremore (global mission worker in Kenya) | Pray for wisdom & guidance for Naomi & the others on the team writing lessons for the Vacation Bible School on the theme of peace & conflict resolution. Pray too for the Covid-19 situation in Kenya, for those affected by the disease & those struggling with economic consequences.
  • Syria & Lebanon | Pray for the work and witness of the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon, especially for their efforts to bring humanitarian aid & education to refugees and displaced people in the region.

Tuesday 1 June

  • Tom Dowling (Irish mission worker in Kilkenny) | Give thanks for all who participated in the online Bible Studies. Give thanks for the Market Evangelism which has resumed and for good interest from passers-by. 
  • Christchurch, Sandymount, Dublin | Give thanks for the wider community in the area and all their support as the congregation creates a new and sustainable plan for the use of Christ Church Hall. Pray for the Church Council as they re-form congregational life and energy for a new time.

Wednesday 2 June

  • Middle East | Give thanks for the ceasefire between Israel and Palestine. Pray for those who have been injured, those who are grieving, those who are living in fear due to the recent attacks and unrest. Pray for those trying to bring immediate and long-term peace, justice and a fair society for all in the Holy Land.
  • Bethlehem Bible College & Nazareth Evangelical College | Pray for staff and students at these colleges, especially for the students sitting exams & those seeking to complete their studies amidst disruption & insecurity.

Thursday 3 June

  • Roberta Irvine (deaconess in Greystone Road, Antrim) | Pray for the congregation during this time of vacancy and as the members look forward into the 2020s. Join them in prayer as decisions are made in preparation for a new minister and in regard to viable ministries that emerge in this season. Pray too for Roberta as she serves.
  • Smithborough (Co Monaghan) | Praise God for those recovering from Covid-19 and pray for their return to full health. Pray for the upcoming Children’s Day service online, that all involved will know God’s blessing.

Friday 4 June

  • Social Witness | Pray for the Specialist Services Units – Thompson House, Carlisle House & Gray’s Court. Pray for those who have been discharged from prison, that they may work hard to remain in the community. Pray for those who are recovering from addictive behaviours, that they may find a new focus in their lives.
  • Local Government | Give thanks for those who step up to serve their communities across Ireland on local councils. In Northern Ireland pray for those who will take on the leadership role of Mayor or Council Chair for the coming year. Pray that they would be good leaders and make a positive impact.

Saturday 5 June

  • General Council | As congregations resume in-person meetings both in Northern Ireland and ROI, please pray for Kirk Sessions who will be making difficult decisions regarding the planned re-opening of activities as restrictions in both jurisdictions allow.  Pray also for the Clerk of Assembly as he and leaders of other denominations interact on these issues with both governments.
  • Council for Training in Ministry | This Thursday, the final interview for selecting student deaconesses takes place. It is hoped that three students will begin training at Union College in September. Pray for the interview panel, the prospective students, and for the staff at Union as they put the finishing touches to the training programme.