Sunday 30 June

  • Moderator | Pray for the Moderator as he commences his public engagements and visits to various congregations; Drumlough, Donegal town, and also Ballybeen Mission Hall. Pray for his involvement in the Somme Commemoration this week at Belfast City Hall as he represents PCI and also as he attends his first meeting of the Church Leaders group.
  • Resting in God in worship| ‘Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him.’ Psalm 62:1. Give thanks for God’s salvation in Christ and ask for a fresh appreciation and assurance of it as you worship today.

Monday 1 July

  • Csaba and Ilona Veres, global mission workers, Hungary | Pray that God would prepare the hearts of those Csaba and Ilona meet during door-to-door visitation and in family visits. Pray that they have meaningful and open conversations about the gospel. 
  • Scripture Union, Malawi (SUM) | Pray for Goodson Saulosi, appointed last year as National Director of SUM, as he seeks to develop this ministry, bringing the truth of God’s Word to the young people of Malawi.

Tuesday 2 July

  • Rev David Moore, West Belfast Special Project | Give thanks for the opportunity to stage the Albert Street Exhibition at the General Assembly and again from 6th-8th August during Féile. Pray as a monthly Sunday service begins from September in Cultúrlann, where the former congregation of Broadway used to meet.
  • St Columba’s, Lisburn | Please pray for those involved with the preparation, delivery, and follow-up of the holiday Bible club in St Columba’s, Lisburn from 22 to 26 July, in association with Salt Factory Sports.

Wednesday 3 July

  • Naomi Leremore, global mission worker, Kenya | Give thanks for the increased interest in studying TEE courses online and pray for this area of growth. Thank God for the TEE department’s staff retreat and remember staff members as they work to improve communications and accounting systems.  
  • The Christian Church of Sumba, Indonesia (GKS) | Pray for those in GKS who are working to develop agriculture and empower farmers in a way that strengthens food security for those suffering from the consequences of drought.

Thursday 4 July

  • Josh McCance, community outreach worker, Balbriggan | Pray for Josh as he serves the congregations and local community. Pray for those planning and all involved in the kids camp in Balbriggan in August, that children would discover Jesus’ love for them.
  • Kilkenny | Give thanks and pray for the three events for children and young people happening in July. Pray that the gospel will impact the hearts of the next generation in Kilkenny for the glory of God.

Friday 5 July

  • Social Witness | Pray for the community health professionals who visit PCI’s homes and services on a regular basis, open their eyes to see your love through the residents and staff they meet. May our services stand out for all the right reasons and continue to show God’s love in action.
  • General Election | As the election results become known today pray for those who have been elected to serve in Westminster, and especially those who will be entering parliament for the first time, that their decision-making would be characterised by wisdom and compassion. Pray that those who have not been elected, or have lost their seats, will quickly get over their disappointment and find new ways to serve their local community.

Saturday 6 July

  • General Council | Take time to give thanks for the relative peace that we know in Northern Ireland in 2024.  Pray that the parades and events connected to the 12th July might pass off peacefully.
  • Training in Ministry | Union College Lecturers. The summer period provides opportunity for lecturers to rest and be refreshed for next year’s teaching, and also to spend time in research and planning. Pray for lecturers, that the Lord will use this time to benefit them and give them continued effectiveness in the role he has called them to.