Sunday 3 October

  • Moderator | As the General Assembly meets, pray for a gracious atmosphere in debates which produces clarity in decision-making.  Thank God for those who have written and will be presenting reports.  Pray for all who will make speeches this week, and that we as a church would collectively discern God’s mind and will for us.
  • General Council | Pray for David Bruce in his role as Moderator, for Trevor Gribben (Clerk), and David Allen (Deputy Clerk) as they work with others to ensure that Assembly Business is conducted well.  Pray that business would be conducted with grace, sensitivity and wisdom.

Monday 4 October

  • Social Witness | Pray for the Council of Social Witness as they present their reports to the General Assembly. Pray that we will continue to receive God’s protection as we continue to work through the daily challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Give thanks that in calling us to this work God has equipped the Council.
  • Mission in Ireland | Pray for wisdom and guidance as important decisions are made regarding mission in Ireland at the General Assembly today. Give thanks for the dedicated work of all PCI chaplains throughout the pandemic. Pray for the exploration of new chaplaincy opportunities.

Tuesday 5 October

  • Global Mission | Pray for wisdom and guidance as important decisions are made regarding our church’s work and witness globally at the General Assembly today. Pray too for the Listening to the Global Church presentation to the Assembly tomorrow (Wednesday at 2pm) that our church will be challenged by our global partners.
  • Congregational Life and Witness | Pray for the work of the Council for Congregational Life and Witness whose report comes to the General Assembly this evening, asking that God would continue to enable it to be nimble in responding to the needs of congregations as they emerge from the shadow of the pandemic.

Wednesday 6 October

  • Public Affairs | Pray for Rev Daniel Kane, convener of the Council for Public Affairs, as he presents the Council’s report, including a paper on graciously confident gospel engagement in the public square. Pray that the Council, its Committee and Panels would continue to find ways to speak grace and truth into this contested and complex landscape.
  • Training in Ministry | Nigel McCullough (Council Convener) and Gordon Campbell (Principal of Union College) are due to present the report of the Council to the General Assembly this morning. Pray that the debate, and the decisions taken would be wise and would honour the Lord Jesus, the Head of the Church.

Thursday 7 October

  • General Council | Thank God that our Presbyterian form of Church governance gives a voice to as wide a group of leaders as possible.  Pray that the decisions that have been made will honour God and be in line with his will.
  • General Council | Give thanks for the Assembly and for all those who worked hard to bring it to fruition even under difficult circumstances and within the restrictions.  Pray that the media coverage and any interviews given will be well received and accurately reflect the mind and intention of the Assembly.

Friday 8 October

  • Home and Urban Mission | Give thanks and continue to pray for the work and witness of all PCI’s home and urban mission congregations. Pray too for the continued work on the Home Mission Review.
  • Mission in Ireland | Pray for the Council for Mission in Ireland as it explores the possibilities for engagement in night-time ministry in Belfast and beyond.

Saturday 9 October

  • Global Mission Workers | Give thanks for the resilience and creativity of PCI’s global mission workers during times of global uncertainty. Pray that each will know the Lord’s leading and guidance in all aspects of their work and witness. Pray too for their health and safety at all times, and for their families.
  • Global Mission Partners | Give thanks for the faithful witness of PCI’s partner churches and mission organisations around the world, especially those suffering due to Covid-19, climate change, or persecution.