Sunday 3 January

  • Moderator | This week will (DV) include many new beginnings, including a minister’s installation, a General Council meeting planning for the year ahead and interviews for a vacant post.  Thank God that the work of the Church goes on.
  • First Sunday of a new year | Today as we worship on the first Sunday of a new year, ask God to help us to do so with anticipation that he goes with us and before us into the future.

Monday 4 January

  • Peter and Valerie Lockwood (Global mission workers) | Pray for Peter as he serves as Programme Advisor with United Mission to Nepal (UMN). Pray for UMN’s community development work – all its programmes were redesigned due to the pandemic. Pray too for good health for the Lockwood family.
  • United Mission to Nepal (UMN) | Pray for the stability of UMN’s continuing hospital and programme work and for the successful renewal of all the necessary agreements with the government of Nepal.

Tuesday 5 January

  • David Boyd (Irish mission worker in Dublin) | Give thanks and pray for the International Café which now runs events online. Pray for David as he does a Bible study with one of the girls who attended the events. Pray too for the 3D Groups as they meet online and as they prepare for mission after the pandemic.
  • Hazel Reid (Deaconess in 1st Broughshane) | Pray for God’s guidance and encouragement for Hazel. Pray for her as she adapts to her ministry due to the restrictions and seeks opportunities to share her faith.

Wednesday 6 January

  • Stephen and Angelina Cowan (Global mission workers) | Pray for Angelina Cowan and her daughter Annissa who will be returning to Kenya this weekend and reuniting with Stephen. Pray for safe and trouble-free travel for Angelina as she returns to Tuum and Annissa as she returns to boarding school.
  • Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) | Pray for PCEA’s congregations (over 1,000 in Kenya and a small number in Tanzania and Uganda). Pray that the church will continue to grow.

Thursday 7 January

  • International Meeting Point | Give thanks for the generous gifts that enabled the Meeting Point to provide food vouchers to those in need, instead of providing a Christmas dinner this year.
  • International Meeting Point (Op Shop) | The shop has been very busy recently with many families finding Christmas particularly hard. Give thanks for the daily opportunities to pray and witness with customers. Give thanks too for Frances and volunteers who work in the shop, and for all who donate items.

Friday 8 January

  • Social Witness | Pray for the Vaccine programme as it rolls out in the residential and nursing sector and to the vulnerable groups in our congregations and communities. Give thanks for the unsung heroes in all our congregations and Council for Social Witness – those who keep in touch by phone, video calls, write letters, drop in gifts of goodies and actively pray.
  • Schools | Pray that a consultation proposing changes to Special Educational Needs provision in Northern Ireland would find ways to ensure that all children have an opportunity to realise their full potential.

Saturday 9 January

  • General Council | Pray for those who oversee the financial side of the work of our congregations and of PCI centrally. Pray for Treasurers, Finance Committees and the work of the Finance Department in Assembly Buildings in this busy and challenging time.
  • Training in Ministry | The Assignments Panel assigns ministry students to congregations for placements and assistantships – a vital aspect of students’ preparation for ministry, providing valuable opportunities to learn alongside a supervising minister. Pray for the Panel as it meets on 13 Jan, that the Lord would guide its decisions.