Sunday 27 June

  • Moderator | Pray for our political leaders in both jurisdictions at this time of much change and uncertainty. Pray for wise decision-making which honours God and is for the good of everybody.
  • Being a grateful people | Ask God to help us to be a grateful people, aware of his many blessings, thankful for his love, mercy, grace and kindness towards us.

Monday 28 June

  • India | Pray for all affected by Covid-19 in India. Pray for the leaders and members of our partner, the Church of North India, in particular the Diocese of Gujarat, one of the worst affected areas, as they seek to minister and witness throughout the pandemic. Pray too for congregations who have lost their ministers due to Covid-19.
  • Hungarian Reformed Church | Pray for the work and witness of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Hungary, Romania and Ukraine. Pray for all the Bible Clubs, camps, etc, for children and young people this summer.

Tuesday 29 June

  • University chaplains | Pray that staff, students and chaplains will be refreshed over the summer break. Pray for students graduating this summer, many of whom will be looking for jobs in a difficult economic climate.
  • Aghada & Cork | Pray for the church communities to grow in their love for each other and to invite others to worship with them. Pray for the minister to preach with power and passion, and for all of us to grow in grace.

Wednesday 30 June

  • United Mission to Nepal (UMN) | Give thanks that UMN’s general agreement with the government of Nepal has been signed. Pray that the interim project and Covid-19 response agreements will now be signed quickly.
  • Peter & Valerie Lockwood (global mission workers, Nepal) | Pray for the challenging situation in the UMN hospitals in Tansen & Okhaldhunga as they provide primary healthcare and are at the frontline of the Covid-19 response. Pray too for the Lockwood family as they work through the changes that Covid-19 has necessitated.

Thursday 1 July

  • Prison chaplains | Pray for those in prison, their families and prison staff. Pray that all may come to know and love the Lord and his ways. Pray too for prison chaplains as they share the gospel and provide pastoral care. 
  • Alt (Co Donegal) | Thank God for helping us all physically and emotionally during lockdown and for good attendances at Sunday services. Pray for refreshment over the summer months, for comfort and healing for all who struggle with illness. Pray too for a return to normality and for wisdom in future planning.

Friday 2 July

  • Social Witness | Pray for our homes & units as they plan their summer activities & outings, praying that residents & tenants may find comfort & relaxation as they participate & benefit from the new freedom. Give thanks for all who will accompany them, that they will be given renewed energy & enthusiasm as they fulfil this important task.
  • Civil Service | Give thanks for civil servants who support the Government of Ireland and the Northern Ireland Executive. Pray for wisdom, good management and diligence in the support of policy-making and delivery of services to the public.

Saturday 3 July

  • General Council | Please pray for the ongoing work of the Linkage commission, particularly in processing Leave to Call for vacant congregations. Pray especially for the convener, Mr James Livingstone and the Chair, the Very Rev Dr Michael Barry in that work.
  • Council for Training in Ministry | The Accredited Preacher Scheme meets Mon – Fri next week, for intensive teaching in Union College. Pray for the trainees that the Lord will equip them to serve him in this way in his Pray too for the teachers, that the Lord will use them to teach effectively. Pray for existing Accredited Preachers as they preach in congregations throughout Ireland.