Sunday 27 February

  • Moderator | The Moderator embarks on a Presbytery tour of Iveagh starting Sunday 27 February. This will involve visiting several schools, some external organisations and an opportunity to provide pastoral care for those in Pray that it will be a fruitful and encouraging time.
  • Worship: Delighted in the wisdom of God’s truth | ‘Your statutes are my delight; they are my counsellors.’ Psalm 119: Ask God that his people would find delight in the wisdom of God’s truth for their lives in worship today.

Monday 28 February

  • James and Heather Cochrane (global mission workers, Portugal) | Give thanks that the five small groups have started and feedback has been good. Pray that all who participate will grow spiritually. Pray for the people interested in becoming members of the church and for the four-week membership course running in March.
  • Europe | Pray for peace in Ukraine and a de-escalation of the political tensions between countries. Remember especially the Christian community in Ukraine, pray that they will know the Lord is with them in these difficult days.

Tuesday 1 March

  • Rosemary Spiers (deaconess, Greenwell Street, Newtownards) | Pray for wisdom and guidance for Rosemary as she builds friendships and has conversations with women from the church and community at various ministries. Pray too that she will encourage others in their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Greystones (Co Wicklow) | Pray for Rev Gary McDowell, the elders and members of Greystones congregation as they continue to love God, encourage one another and serve the Greystones community and beyond.

Wednesday 2 March

  • Volker and JinHyeog Glissmann (global mission workers, southern Africa) | Pray for Volker as he continues to work with the Theological Education by Extension College in Johannesburg from his home in Malawi. Pray for Volker and his colleagues as they write new courses under God’s guidance.
  • Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) | Pray for the leadership and members of PCEA’s congregations (over 1,000 in Kenya and a small number in Tanzania & Uganda). Pray that the church will continue to grow.

Thursday 3 March

  • International Meeting Point (IMP) | Pray for Shirley McGonigle as she begins her work at IMP this month. Pray for all who attend IMP’s English classes, Bible Studies and those who come to seek advice, help with food and basic provisions, and for support. Pray they will see the love of God and come to know him.
  • Inch (Co Donegal) | Pray for this small island congregation as they continue to witness for God. Pray for them as they discuss future plans with the Linkage Commission and other local congregations.

Friday 4 March

  • Social Witness | Pray for Wendy Kelly, who has recently been appointed as Social Care Support Manager for the Council for Social Witness. Pray for safe travel for Wendy as she travels to and from the units. Pray for health, strength and wisdom as she settles into her new role and gets to know staff and their dedicated roles.
  • Police | Pray for those that serve in the PSNI and An Garda Síochána as they work to protect communities across the island of Ireland. Pray for wisdom, insight and protection for all, as they not only engage with people who seek to endanger society, but also often with those who are exceptionally vulnerable.

Saturday 5 March

  • General Council | Give thanks for the appointment of Rick Hill as CMI Secretary-Designate, and for the process of hand-over for him as he begins his new role later this year. Give thanks for the work of CMI, helping our congregations look outwards in mission.
  • Training in Ministry | The Ministerial Studies and Development Committee meets on Tuesday 8 March. It oversees the training pathways of trainee ministers, and their congregational placements. Pray for the Committee, and for Rev Andrew Faulkner, its convener. Ask God to give wisdom in all of the decisions about the training of students.