Sunday 26 September

  • Moderator | The Moderator attended the Balmoral Show last week – albeit in a very different format and with restrictions – and asks that we would pray for the agri-food industry, especially with many commercial uncertainties created by both Brexit & the pandemic.  Pray for farmers, who often work in isolation – and for this Harvest season.
  • Regrouping and regathering for worship | Thank God for a sense of his presence with us in worship despite the unusual circumstances in which it has had to take place. Pray for his voice of encouragement and challenge to be heard today.

Monday 27 September

  • Naomi Keefe (global mission worker in Brazil) | Brazil has had over half a million people who have died due to Covid-19. Therefore, most people know personally of at least one person who has died or had severe Covid. Pray for Christians as they witness & share the Good News of Jesus with all who are deeply impacted by Covid at this time.
  • India | Pray for the ongoing work and witness of the Church of North India, especially the Diocese of Gujarat. Give thanks that the number of Covid-19 cases is declining, and continue to pray for India’s healthcare system.

Tuesday 28 September

  • Howth & Malahide (Co Dublin) | Pray for a clear priority over all else to worship together, for a sense of God’s presence each week as the congregation gathers, and an eager appetite for God’s Word.
  • Inch (Co Donegal) | Pray for this small island congregation as they continue to witness for God to friends and neighbours. Pray for them as they discuss future plans with the Linkage Commission and other local congregations.

Wednesday 29 September

  • Peter & Jayne Fleming (global mission workers in Nepal) | Pray for Peter as he continues to work for United Mission to Nepal (UMN) from N Ireland. Pray that the ongoing discussions around Project Agreements between UMN and the government of Nepal will progress well and for the granting of visas for overseas staff.
  • Portugal | Pray for the Christian Presbyterian Church of Portugal. Pray for this small denomination to grow and flourish, and that through it, the Holy Spirit will bring many people to faith in Christ.

Thursday 30 September

  • PCI Healthcare Chaplains | Pray for patients and staff in our hospitals and hospices. Pray that chaplains, ministers and others will bring words of comfort, hope and encouragement in these difficult times.
  • PCI University Chaplains | Pray for the Christian witness at universities throughout Ireland by Christian students and chaplains. Pray that during the academic year ahead, many more students will come to know the Lord and will put their trust in him.

Friday 1 October

  • Social Witness | Pray for our work in Disability Services, Older People Services, Taking Care & Specialist Services – for the ongoing protection of our residents & tenants, staff & volunteers. Pray that we will be able to recruit staff to fill the vacancies in our teams. Give thanks that we have had long periods of being Covid-19 free.  
  • Health Care | Pray for those who work in the health & social care sector and feel under increasing pressure due to the continued effects of Covid-19, and the onset of annual winter pressures. Pray for wisdom and guidance for those making decisions in response to these challenges.

Saturday 2 October

  • General Council | Pray for all in Assembly Buildings making final preparations preceding the start of General Assembly.  Pray all preparations will go well to ensure a safe environment for all attending and for the various departments (IT, Conference & Facilities, and CPD) & staff members responsible for logistics & technical input.
  • Training in Ministry | Two student deaconesses have recently begun a 3-year training programme at Union – Heather Healy and Cathy Smith. Pray for Heather and Cathy as they begin study, and settle into congregational placements in Wellington Ballymena and Whiteabbey respectively. Ask God to equip them for service in his Church.