Sunday 26 February

  • Moderator | Pray for the church’s leadership remembering that they too are human, encountering disappointment, temptation, weariness – all opportunities, at the same time, for grace to work good things too.
  • Worship: Delighted in the wisdom of God’s truth | ‘Your statutes are my delight; they are my counsellors’. Psalm 119:24. Ask God that his people would find delight in the wisdom of God’s truth for their lives in worship today.

Monday 27 February

  • St Petersburg Christian University, Russia | Pray for wisdom for the university leadership in the face of significant challenges and that the students will be able to focus on their studies in very unsettling and uncertain times.
  • Portugal | Give thanks that CPV has been formally established as a congregation of the Christian Presbyterian Church of Portugal and pray for the congregation’s first elders who were ordained on 19 February.

Tuesday 28 February

  • Rev Rodney Cameron, prison chaplain at Hydebank Wood College and Women’s Prison | Give thanks that in Hydebank, the book of Philemon is being read together where Paul asks a church leader to take back a young man from jail. The task of imagining what Paul might have said to the young offender has been set and what God might say to them.
  • Westbourne | Pray for Rev Mervyn Gibson and the congregation; that they would be filled with the love of Jesus and seek to share that love with those in the surrounding community.

Wednesday 1 March

  • Diane Cusick (global mission worker, Zambia) | Pray for Diane to be strengthened by God in heart, mind and body as she progresses along the road to recovery from serious illness.
  • South Sudan | Pray for immediate humanitarian assistance in South Sudan, especially for food security, water, sanitation, hygiene, health services, and education, for more than nine million people, half of them children.

Thursday 2 March

  • Tom Dowling, Irish mission worker, Kilkenny | Pray for those being contacted through door-to-door visitation, that there will be opportunities for ongoing conversations and that there will be a hunger to come to Church and Bible studies to further engage with God’s Word. Pray also for summer club plans.
  • West Belfast | Give thanks for the welcome that David has received across West Belfast as he has been getting to know the community. Pray for a planned project in the summer which aims to help connect with the community by telling the story of a former Presbyterian congregation in the area.

Friday 3 March

  • Addiction | Addiction is an ever-growing problem. Pray for those suffering that they might get the help and support to help them overcome their addiction problems. Pray for Gray’s Court, providing long-term supported housing to those in the early stages of their recovery. Pray for the service users, that they will use their time there to rebuild their lives. Give thanks for the commitment of Frances Craig, project leader, and the staff at Gray’s Court.
  • International Relations | There are many complex situations in the world including the war in Ukraine, natural disasters and continued conflicts in places like Yemen. Pray for world leaders as they navigate these difficult situations and pray that they would have wisdom and display courage in the face of hard decisions.

Saturday 4 March

  • General Council | Pray for the Moderator as he begins his final tour of the year, visiting the Presbytery of Newry. Pray for him as he preaches and speaks at a series of meetings and events and as he interacts with ministers, leaders and members of the congregations in the Presbytery.
  • Training in Ministry | The Council met on Thursday 2 March. Pray for its convener, Rev Nigel McCullough, and for its work as it oversees the work of Union College, training ministry students and deaconesses, accredited preachers, the Conciliation Panel, and transferring ministers. Pray that the Lord’s will is done in all of its work.