In this moment

A prayer in these days of grief and loss
God of all comfort,
in these days of deathly statistics,
when for many of us,
numbers become names,
figures have familiar faces,
and we remain isolated from those most ill;
we look to Jesus,
who wept at Lazarus’ grave,
who took Jairus’ dead daughter by the hand,
who in his own body drew the sting of death on the cross.
In this moment when darkness closes in on many homes,
but we are only able to look on helplessly from a distance,
we thank you that you are not a God who stands afar off,
but who, in Jesus, draws right alongside,
taking up our infirmities,
carrying our sorrows,
sympathising with us in our weaknesses.
In the afterglow of Easter,
dispel the shadows with your resurrection light,
soothe our pain with the peace of your living presence,
heal with the hope that comes from your love poured into hurting hearts.
Consoling Spirit;
be gracious to a grieving world,
bind up a nation’s wounds,
bring us gently through this season of loss,
to find again the light of life.
Compassionate God, hear our prayers.
For we ask them in Jesus Name,

Sunday 26 April

The suffering and bereaved

  • Pray for those who are suffering the effects of the coronavirus, whether self-isolating at home or patients in hospital, asking that God would bring a sense of his presence, healing and strength.
  • Pray for families who have been bereaved in recent days, whether through coronavirus or in other circumstances, asking that God would bring comfort, strength and peace in these days when the normal rite of passage offered by funeral services has been interrupted by wider events.

Monday 27 April

Sustainable ministry

  • Pray for creativity, energy and biblical insight as congregations move into a second month of seeking to minister in the situation of being unable to gather for worship or meet face to face with members.
  • Pray for members as they continue to show and share Christ’s compassion and speak an apt word for him as they enter another week as key workers or being good neighbours. Ask God to watch over them and work out his purposes through their everyday witness.

Tuesday 28 April

Vulnerable in society

  • Pray for the most vulnerable in society who are significantly impacted by the effects of the lockdown – struggling to make ends meet, experiencing cramped living conditions, under threat by the economic downturn. Ask God to be their comfort and strength and that the church will continue to find ways to offer practical support through foodbanks and other initiatives.
  • Pray for the International Meeting Point. Although the project’s doors are closed, migrant families are in real need of support. Ask God to reveal creative ways the church can support a network of migrant families at a time of genuine need and that this will commend Christ to them.

Wednesday 29 April

PCI residential facilities

  • Pray for residents and tenants, that they may find a calmness in their new routine and be protected.
  • Pray for staff as they come on shift, not knowing what lies ahead, and that they will find a personal reserve and resilience in all that they do, that they may rest during time off, stay healthy and safe.
  • Pray for families and friends who are separated from their loved ones at a time when a visit and a hug would make such a difference.

Thursday 30 April

Wellbeing of society

  • Pray for those who suffer from mental health difficulties asking that God would enable them to cope with the anxiety that arises from present circumstances and that he would equip family and friends to care in sensitive and constructive ways.
  • Pray for society at large as the stresses and strains of uncertainty, fear and restrictions on normal life take an increasing toll on patience and relationships, asking that God would bring calm, peace, patience and hope.

Friday 1 May

Ongoing ministry matters

  • Pray for congregations which are vacant and have leave to call a minister but which now cannot move forward to fill the vacancy, asking that God would enable them to wait with patience, trust and dependence on him.
  • Pray for applicants for the ordained ministry and diaconate who were recently interviewed as they learn of the outcome, that those who are to be recommended, or who have been accepted, will be guided and equipped by the Holy Spirit over the coming years, and those who are not will be able to discern the path God wants them to take.

Saturday 2 May

Business and the economy

  • Pray for those who lead in the business world, whether large corporations or small concerns, asking that God would give them peace, wisdom, a sense of his provision and the ability to balance financial responsibility with care for treatment of staff.
  • Pray for those in government charged with taking difficult decisions balancing public health and economic concerns as they consider easing lockdown restrictions. Ask God that they would receive good advice, gain clarity of all the issues involved and make the right decisions at the right time.