Sunday 25 February

  • Moderator | The Moderator will unveil a plaque in the newly refurbished hall of Dungannon Presbyterian Church in grateful thanks for the ministry of the Very Reverend Dr Andrew Rodgers and his wife Helen and preach at a service of thanksgiving. Pray for the Rev Alan Thompson and the elders as they lead the church forward.
  • Worship: Delighted in the wisdom of God’s truth | “Your statutes are my delight; they are my counsellors.” Psalm 119:24. Ask God that his people would find delight in the wisdom of God’s truth for their lives in worship today.

Monday 26 February

  • James and Heather Cochrane, global mission workers | Pray for James and Heather currently on a short visit to Porto, for God’s leading for future ministry and that as they come to the end of their sabbatical (February/March 2024), they will be ready to move into their next phase of ministry.
  • Presbyterian Church of Myanmar (PCM) | The Civil War continues to unfold in Myanmar, deeply impacting many PCM congregations. Pray for an end to conflict, for PCM’s leadership to be wise and resilient, and for church members as they continue to reach out with the gospel despite very challenging circumstances.

Tuesday 27 February

  • Part-time healthcare chaplains | Pray for all of PCI’s part-time healthcare chaplains, as they support patients, families and staff, within the limitations of their hours and seek to offer hope in Christ’s name.
  • Taughmonagh | Give thanks for the ministry of Rev Robert Love over the past two decades and pray for the ongoing witness of this congregation as they look to the future.

Wednesday 28 February

  • Volker and Jinhyeog Glissmann, global mission workers, Malawi | Give thanks for Volker’s recent involvement in a conference in Nairobi and for the value and creativity of participants coming together during the coffee breaks with a view to developing the TEEnet Project. Pray that technical challenges can be overcome as this project is taken forward. 
  • Evangelical Christian Church in Halmahera (GMIH) | Pray for stability in Indonesia in the aftermath of recent elections. Pray for the Church in Halmahera as it ministers over a large geographical area covering many islands.

Thursday 29 February

  • Sally Moore, community outreach worker, Second Randalstown | Give thanks for the connections and relationships established through recent outreach events. Pray for the planned Hope Explored outreach in one of the local coffee shops in the weeks leading up to Easter.
  • Sligo | Give thanks for new people joining the congregation from lots of different backgrounds. Pray they would find a spiritual home amongst them and that the upcoming new member’s evening would aid with integration. Pray for plans for a Hope Explored course after Easter.

Friday 1 March

  • Learning disability | Pray for families caring for children/adults with a learning disability, with all the demands & challenges this brings into the home. Give thanks for special schools, adult centres, training units & supported employment schemes provided by government bodies & learning disability charities. Pray for those involved in the provision of these services.
  • Public Square | Pray for churches and Christians in Belfast as they respond to the consultation on changing bye-laws. Pray that their responses will be taken into consideration when making decisions about changing the laws relating to public speaking in the city centre.

Saturday 2 March

  • General Council | Pray for the ongoing work of the Code Republishing Panel as they finalise their report for the 2024 General Assembly. Pray for wisdom and discernment as the panel concludes its report for transmission to the General Assembly via the Judicial Commission.
  • Training in Ministry | The Conciliation Service is led by its convener, Rev Paul Jamieson, with 30 conciliators who respond to requests for conciliation in issues across the island, and offer training to kirk sessions, committees and congregations. Pray for them as they seek to serve the Lord in this, and enable people to resolve differences and conflict in Christ-honouring ways.