Sunday 25 December

  • Moderator | It’s not too late for us to be praying that God will guide us to reach out to someone specific in a kind gospel hearted way this Christmas.
  • Worship as celebration this Christmas | ‘Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favour rests.’ Luke 2:14. Pray that our worship today might be filled with the glory, peace and joy of Christ’s presence.

Monday 26 December

  • Edwin and Anne Kibathi (global mission workers, England) | Pray that in 2023 God would provide fresh opportunities for sharing the gospel through various ministries of the PCEA UK Outreach Congregation.
  • Scripture Union Malawi | Give thanks for the 50th Anniversary of S.U. Malawi and pray that in the coming year its National Director, Amon Chanika, would be guided and encouraged in his leadership role.

Tuesday 27 December

  • Deaconesses | Pray for the 14 PCI deaconesses as they serve in each of their respective settings in congregations, hospitals and the community. Pray they will know the Lord’s equipping for the place and people they are serving.
  • Prison Chaplains | Pray for PCI’s prison chaplains as they minister in challenging and complex situations, that they will have the right words to say in each circumstance and that they will point to Jesus Christ, the light of the world throughout all they do.

Wednesday 28 December

  • Csaba and Ilona Veres (global mission workers, Romania) | Pray for Paster Paul Mike & outreach work amongst the Roma, the elderly and young people by the Reformed Congregation in the isolated village of Chet, Romania.
  • United Mission to Nepal | Pray for UMN as it takes forward new opportunities in 2023 and for its Executive Director, Dhana Lama, that she may be sustained, wise and courageous in her leadership role.

Thursday 29 December

  • Irish mission workers and community outreach workers | Pray for Irish mission workers and community outreach workers as they seek to engage with those in the local community, sharing the love and truth of the gospel with those who don’t yet know the Lord Jesus.
  • Forces Chaplains | Pray for PCI’s forces chaplains, particularly for those who are currently on deployment and won’t have spent time with family this Christmas. Pray they will be encouraged in their work and that they will know the Lord’s presence in their service for him.

Friday 30 December

  • Social Witness | Christmas is a time for joy and families coming together; give thanks for time to rest and regroup for the year ahead. Pray also for those less fortunate who may spend the Christmas period alone. Pray that they will find peace in a season that is joyful for so many and remember that they are never alone with Jesus.
  • Emergency services | Give thanks for those who work in the emergency services, especially at this time of year when many are enjoying a break. Pray that in the midst of many pressures, God would grant them safety as they work, and equip them with the strength and stamina that they need.

Saturday 31 December

  • General Council | On New Year’s Eve pray especially for those for whom 2022 brought significant challenges in their lives and families. Pray that in the new year they might know both the hope and strength that comes through Jesus Christ.
  • Training in Ministry | Pray for ministry students as they prepare to begin language intensives. These are full and demanding days of intensive Hebrew and Greek classes, where many students are stretched, but also benefit from being able to understand and teach the Bible more effectively. Pray for stamina for students and staff, and for grace to see the long-term goal of effective Bible teaching for God’s people.