Sunday 25 April

  • Moderator | Pray for the Moderator as opportunities to visit congregations may start to open up as Covid-19 regulations gradually relax.  Pray for his ongoing ministry of encouragement and pastoral care to all ministers and their congregations.
  • Worshipping God for answered prayer | ‘I love the Lord, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy.’ Psalm 116:1. Today as we worship in person, online or on our own, give thanks to God for answered prayer and for how he has provided for us throughout our experience of the pandemic.

Monday 26 April

  • Gary & Mary Reid (global mission workers in Kenya) | Pray for Gary and Mary Reid as they continue to work remotely from their home in N Ireland. Pray especially for their youngest son who has been studying online through his school in Kenya for over a year and is having to sit his school exams remotely.
  • India | Pray for the work and witness of the Church of North India as it seeks to be an effective witness. Pray too for the Covid-19 situation in India for those in need of medical assistance and for the vaccine roll-out.

Tuesday 27 April

  • Sonya Anderson (deaconess in Shore Street, Donaghadee) | Pray for the congregation, leaders & staff whilst the congregation is vacant. Pray too for the various children, youth & adult groups which have met online over the past year. They are thankful for the online platform, but long to have in-person groups again.
  • Howth & Malahide | Pray for this congregation and others in the Republic of Ireland who long to be allowed to hold public, corporate, weekly worship on the Lord’s Day. Pray for a deepening grasp of why it is so important.

Wednesday 28 April

  • Steve & Rosie Kennedy (global mission workers in Romania) | Give thanks for new people coming along to the Cluj Christian Fellowship services and pray for the wise nurturing of these new relationships. Pray also for the wider networks that Steve and Rosie have begun to establish and that these will prove fruitful.
  • Spain | Pray for Grupos Bíblicos Unidos as they continue to train and encourage Christian students and recent graduates to share their faith with their peers on a daily basis.

Thursday 29 April

  • David Boyd (Irish mission worker in Dublin) | Pray for the International Cafe team planning new online events to get to know, entertain & build relationships with students from overseas. Continue to pray for a woman who is doing Bible studies with David online. Give thanks she is getting a good understanding of the gospel.
  • Inch (Co Donegal) | Pray for this small island church as they continue to witness for God to neighbours and friends. Pray for them as they discuss future plans with the Linkage Commission and other local congregations.

Friday 30 April

  • Social Witness | Pray for Department of Health, Health & Social Care Trust & Public Health Agency staff as they work to support & advise care providers during these challenging times. Give thanks for the individuals, agencies and organisations who have worked tirelessly over the past 14 months to provide appropriate information.
  • Schools | Give thanks for those who voluntarily serve on school boards of governors and management across the island of Ireland. Pray for great wisdom and discernment as they seek to support principals and staff in making the best decisions for pupils in the midst of Covid-19 restrictions and other stresses.

Saturday 1 May

  • General Council | Pray for the Clerk of the General Assembly as he responds to, and seeks to interpret, the changing regulations as they apply to church life going forward. Pray for wisdom, insight and a sense of unity of purpose as PCI’s leadership works with the leaders of the other main denominations.
  • Council for Training in Ministry | Third year ministry students are due to have what’s known as an “Exit Interview”. The student, a member of college staff and a member of presbytery meet to review the student’s training. When satisfactorily completed, the student is licensed by presbytery, usually in June. Give thanks for these students and pray for them as they reach the end of their college training.