Sunday 23 October

  • Moderator | Pray for the Moderator as he attends and participates in a number of General Assembly Council meetings during this week. Pray for the business conducted by the Councils and that the Moderator might be encouraged by his participation.
  • Worship: Listen to God | Today if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts. Psalm 95:8. Give thanks for how God speaks in worship and ask that he might give you a receptive heart to what he wants to say to you.

Monday 24 October

  • James and Heather Cochrane (global mission workers, Portugal) | Give thanks for the five small groups that recently began a new series, “Love your Church”. Pray that church members will be encouraged and challenged regarding their involvement in local church.
  • Leaders in Training | Pray for the 21 Leaders in Training, from ten overseas partners, who have received scholarships towards further studies in theology, leadership, communications, and development; especially that their studies will equip them for more effective ministry.

Tuesday 25 October

  • Rev Ken Doherty (chaplain, Mater Hospital, Belfast) | Pray for Ken as he draws alongside patients and staff in the hospital. Pray for the love and comfort of Jesus Christ to be evident in all of his encounters.
  • Aghada and Cork, Co Cork | Pray that the members and elders would grow in their love for the Lord and all their neighbours. Pray also for a change of heart and mindset among members who don’t regularly attend Sunday worship, asking that they would prioritise it as a vital part of their profession of faith.

Wednesday 26 October

  • Volker and Jinhyeog Glissmann (global mission workers, Southern Africa) | Pray for the Glissmann family as they settle back into life in Malawi following home assignment; for Volker’s work in TEE programme development and Jinhyeog as she teaches music at Phoenix School.
  • Church of North India | Give thanks for Rt Rev Silvans Christian who has now served ten years as Bishop of Gujarat Diocese, CNI. Pray that he would know wisdom and resilience in the years to come.

Thursday 27 October

  • Lesley and Mabel Brush (community outreach workers in Tartaraghan) | Give thanks for relationships being built and opportunities to share the gospel through various activities and visitation. Pray particularly for “Men @ 10.30” that has recently resumed and Leslie as he revisits all the homes near Tartaraghan.
  • Arklow, Co Wicklow | Pray for wisdom for the Kirk Session as they plan for the year ahead following their AGM in October. Pray that many more people will come to faith and find a home in the congregation.

Friday 28 October

  • Specialist Services | Pray for Rev John Stanbridge & the Specialist Services Committee. Pray for Thompson House, David Farrow (Director) & his committed staff, who work alongside men released on license from prison. Pray for Carlisle House, David Cuthbert (Director) & his dedicated staff as they work with those struggling with addiction.
  • Retail | Pray for those who work in retail, from the big supermarkets to small independent shops. Pray for their protection in the busy run up to Christmas and that God would grant them grace, patience and stamina as they work long hours and serve customers who may be experiencing their own hassles and stress.

Saturday 29 October

  • General Council | Pray for the meeting of the Irish Council of Churches Executive Committee that takes place next Thursday 3 November. Remember PCI’s representatives in particular – Rev Helen Freeburn (Church Relations convener), Rev Trevor Gribben (Clerk) and Rev Dr Paul Bailie.
  • Training in Ministry | This coming week is the mid-point of the semester in Union College. It is marked by the pausing of classes and students having a reading week. This is an important time for students to study, both to catch up and to prepare for future assignments. Pray that the Lord would enable them to use this time profitably for their preparation for ministry.