Sunday 23 May

  • Moderator | Pray for a growing vision for outreach across the Presbyterian Church, especially that congregations will be able to speak clearly about the Good News at a time of great uncertainty about the future.  Give thanks for the good resources produced by the church centrally to help with this.
  • Worshipping our creator God | ‘The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.’ Psalm 19:1. Pray that as we enjoy the better weather & longer days of summer, we might worship God as the one who made all things and that we might recognise him speaking to us through creation day by day.

Monday 24 May

  • Peter & Jayne Fleming (Nepal) | Pray for the people of Nepal where Covid cases have been rising sharply. Pray the government will accept the new five-year agreement for UMN & for expat staff to be able to get work visas.
  • Indonesia | Pray for Timor, Sumba and nearby islands which were hit by Tropical Cyclone Seroja at Easter. Pray for all affected and for our partners, the Evangelical Christian Church in Timor & the Christian Church in Sumba, as they help those who are grieving and those who suffered damage to their homes, crops, livelihoods, etc.

Tuesday 25 May

  • Sharon Heron (deaconess, International Meeting Point) | Pray for the new Bible Study which has started in North Belfast. Pray for a man who has recently become a Christian and for the four/five new people who are wanting to learn more about God. Pray that they too will come to faith and for others to grow in their faith.
  • Mountmellick & Tullamore (Co Laois and Co Offaly) | Pray for the congregations as they enjoy meeting again in-person. Pray that they will be known in their wider communities as multi-national and welcoming churches.

Wednesday 26 May

  • Middle East | Pray for an immediate end to all fighting between Israel and Palestine. Pray for those who have been injured, those who are grieving, those who are living in fear due to the recent attacks and unrest. Pray for those trying to bring immediate and long-term peace, justice and a fair society for all in the Holy Land.
  • Bethlehem Bible College & Nazareth Evangelical College | Pray for staff & students at these colleges, especially for the students sitting exams & those seeking to complete their studies amidst disruption and insecurity.

Thursday 27 May

  • John McCandless (community outreach worker in Mountpottinger & McQuiston) | Give thanks for recent outreach opportunities, including ‘HUG IN A BOX’ doorstep deliveries, connecting with church community through activities via Zoom, and providing takeaway cooked lunches for over 40 people on a weekly basis.
  • Naas (Co Kildare) | Praise the Lord for keeping the congregation faithful to him and each other during the past year. Pray for the members as they look at living as believers in a world hostile to Christianity.

Friday 28 May

  • Social Witness | Pray for the Taking Care Department as they support our congregations in the area of Safe-guarding. Give thanks for all Designated Persons, who provide a vital role in each congregation.
  • Fostering and Adoption | Give thanks for those willing to open up their homes to care for children and young people who may require short, or longer-term, foster care, or adoption. Pray that more people would come forward to offer this support as foster carers and adopters.

Saturday 29 May

  • General Council | Pray for the Moderator, Dr David Bruce and the Clerk, Rev Trevor Gribben, as they participate in the meeting of the Church Leaders Group (Ireland) during the incoming week.  These meetings have proved to be incredibly useful in discussing significant matters of mutual concern.
  • Council for Training in Ministry | Rev David Leach has been appointed as Professor of Ministry in Union College. David will oversee the training pathways of ministry students, as well as teaching some subjects such as preaching. Pray that the Lord will use David as he takes up his post in August, and pray for him and his family as their time in Union Road Magherafelt and Lecumpher comes to an end.