Sunday 23 January

  • Moderator | Pray for the health of our ministers and leaders across the church. Physically, mentally and spiritually, we are all in need of self-care. Pray for the Refresh programme in early February, which will encourage this for people in leadership roles.
  • Worship: Directed and set free | ‘Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.’ Psalm 119:133. As we worship today ask God to direct our daily living and set us free from sins that overshadow our lives.

Monday 24 January

  • Naomi Keefe (global mission worker, Brazil) | Pray for Naomi as she settles back to life and work in Brazil after spending time in Ireland over Christmas. Pray for God’s guidance for Naomi in the various aspects of her ongoing work and witness. Pray too for good health and safety for Naomi at all times.
  • South Sudan | Pray for the Christian community in Yith Pabol near the border with Sudan who were recently attacked by a group of Islamic extremists – at least 28 people were killed and over 50 houses were burnt down.

Tuesday 25 January

  • Heather McCracken (deaconess, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust) | Give thanks and pray for all the staff in our hospitals doing tremendous work in exhausting and difficult times. Pray for strength and encouragement for Heather in all she does, and that through her God will speak to many patients, relatives and hospital staff.
  • First Bailieborough, Corraneary and Ervey (Monaghan Presbytery) | Pray for these three congregations; that they will know God’s presence as they meet together each Sunday and know his leading in the year ahead.

Wednesday 26 January

  • Derek & Jane French (global mission workers, Spain) | Pray for God’s blessing on Bilbao International Church and Grupos Bíbilcos Unidos and remember Derek and Jane as they continue their work.
  • World Development | Give thanks for all who have supported the ‘Weathering the Storm‘ World Development Appeal which will support Christian Aid & Tearfund projects in Ethiopia, Haiti and other countries helping vulnerable communities. Pray that through the projects, many will be blessed with fullness of life in Jesus Christ.

Thursday 27 January

  • Rev Ivan Neish (chaplain in Antrim Area Hospital) | Pray for Ivan as he works part time at the hospital and that he will be a blessing and encouragement to patients, staff and relatives and bring a message of hope to them.
  • Craigavon | Pray for Rev Lachlan Webster and the congregation of Craigavon that they will be a people of faith, love and hope. Pray especially for the congregation’s youth and children’s work and all involved in leading it.

Friday 28 January

  • Social Witness | Pray for Denise Keegan, Head of Older Peoples Services. Pray for wisdom and guidance as she supports managers and care staff. Give thanks for the knowledge and experience Denise brings, especially during the increase in numbers of positive Covid-19 cases within in our homes and units.
  • Palliative Care | Give thanks for those medical staff who provide care to those coming to the end of their life. Pray that in the face of limited resources they would continue to be able to respond effectively and compassionately to ease pain and suffering.

Saturday 29 January

  • General Council | Pray for congregations and especially kirk sessions making decisions about weekly activities in light of changing Covid restrictions. Ask God for wisdom to be given, not only for elders, but also for those who agree recommendations for the church.
  • Training in Ministry | Around the time that voting takes place for the Moderator of the Assembly, the Moderator of each Presbytery also changes. Presbytery Moderators chair meetings, lead services and help pastor ministers. A training day for new presbytery moderators is planned for Wednesday 2 February. Pray for the new Presbytery Moderators and those leading the training.