In this moment

A prayer for going back to school
God our heavenly teacher,
thank you for the gift of learning,
that enables us to grow in wisdom and stature,
in relationship with you and others.
We pray for school life as it resumes again,
after months of lockdown and the long summer break.
Be with governors, principals, drivers, cleaners and others,
who have responsibility in arrangements,
for the smooth running of the school day.
Be with teachers and classroom assistants,
as they help pupils settle again into learning.
Be with parents, grandparents and carers,
as they gently help loved ones readjust to the return of school.
Be with children and young people,
as they renew relationships with staff and peers,
embrace new rhythms and routines in familiar places,
pick up the threads of the curriculum again –
remembering what they have learned before,
and quickly making sense of new knowledge coming their way.
Be especially with those in crucial exam years,
taking away fear of months of learning lost,
giving confidence in what can yet be gained.
Help whole school families grow in these days –
physically in their new environments for learning,
mentally as new thinking is required,
emotionally as strains and stresses have to be negotiated,
socially in community with one another,
spiritually as they recognise God at work among them.
Lord Jesus,
whose teaching amazed and astounded,
with its stamp of authority,
and left its lasting mark on many lives,
hear these our prayers for our schools this new term.

Sunday 23 August

God’s glory

  • Give thanks for God’s glory, asking that it might be evident in our worship today, humbling us and inspiring us to greater love and service.
  • Pray that we might reflect God’s glory in our witness throughout the week, bringing honour to him in heart, word and action.

Monday 24 August


  • Give thanks for the new coalition government formed in the Republic of Ireland, asking for God’s guidance as it continues to lead the country out of lockdown.
  • Pray for good relationships between parties in government in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, asking God to bring stability in political leadership.

Tuesday 25 August

Care homes

  • Give thanks for the way in which God has enabled greater normality to return to life for those living and working in care homes, asking that he will continue to keep them infection free.
  • Pray for wisdom in improving the care sector and using extra finance allocated wisely so as to improve the support given to the elderly and most vulnerable in society.

Wednesday 26 August

Community life

  • Give thanks for the bonds of community in streets and towns that have been strengthened through response to the coronavirus and lockdown, asking God that life in closer relationship might be maintained.
  • Pray for daily opportunities to love our neighbour as we love ourselves, so showing God’s love in visible and practical ways.

Thursday 27 August

Global mission communication

  • Give thanks for the ways in which PCI’s global mission workers have been able to maintain communication with congregations at home during the coronavirus upheaval, enabling sharing together in the fellowship of the gospel and prayer.
  • Pray for ongoing work in developing digital communication between global mission workers and congregations at home to enable more effective sharing of news and deeper support for the work.

Friday 28 August

Preparations for winter

  • Give thanks for ongoing preparations in government and health provision to deal with the risk of increased infection from coronavirus during winter, asking that God would give greater readiness as the result of lessons already learned.
  • Pray that winter would not result in a second spike of coronavirus and that God would particularly protect the vulnerable and those with underlying health conditions.

Saturday 29 August

Denominational life

  • Give thanks for the ways in which God has drawn together the PCI family during the upheaval of coronavirus and lockdown through the many stories shared and collective wisdom gained.
  • Pray for those charged with enabling the collective life of the denomination, supporting ministry and mission in congregations, asking for agility and creativity in navigating many obstacles in these days.