Sunday 22 November

  • Moderator | Pray for the Moderator as he engages with various meetings, including with the Church Leaders. Pray for wisdom for them so that, together, they may work to bring a workable church-wide response to the changing legislation and government guidelines.
  • God’s presence | Pray for a sense of God’s presence in worship today, asking that God would speak to challenge, encourage and bless his people.

Monday 23 November

  • Faculté Jean Calvin | Pray for this evangelical theological institute in France that has partnered with PCI for many years. Pray for the professors as they adapt to teaching online during restrictions.
  • Faculté Jean Calvin | Pray for the students learning online, that they would continue to benefit from their training, to be better equipped to share the gospel with those in search of purpose and meaning in the French-speaking world.

Tuesday 24 November

  • University chaplains | Pray for the connections PCI has with universities in the Republic of Ireland, including Dublin City University, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, University College Cork, University of Limerick and the National University of Ireland in both Galway and Maynooth.
  • University chaplains | Pray that ministers who serve as part-time chaplains in these colleges would be able to have meaningful contact with students and staff this academic year, despite the restrictions.

Wednesday 25 November

  • Naomi Leremore (global mission worker, Kenya) | Thank God for the Theological Education by Extension (TEE) department’s launch of the online version of the teen’s mentorship programme. Pray for those taking part in the pilot group, that they will be blessed and give good, insightful feedback.
  • Naomi Leremore (global mission worker, Kenya) | Pray for Naomi in her ongoing work with the TEE Department and for the marketing of their new material through the church networks and beyond.

Thursday 26 November

  • Irish mission workers | Pray for the Irish mission workers in the Republic of Ireland: David Boyd (in Dublin), Tom Dowling (in Kilkenny) and Philip Whelton (in Arklow) as they continue to serve the Lord and share the gospel with others.
  • Irish mission workers | Pray for the Irish mission workers as they continue to adapt and develop their ministry whilst complying with all Covid-19 guidelines.

Friday 27 November

Moderator’s Church-wide Call to Prayer­ –

  • Social Witness | Pray for the residents and tenants in Thompson House, Carlisle House and Gray’s Court, as they work through the Covid-19 crisis. Give thanks for the dedicated staff who work tirelessly to support the residents and tenants in their daily routines and programmes.
  • At Home for Christmas |Pray for the Moderator’s Appeal, which includes support for the life-saving work of our mission partners Tearfund and Christian aid, in places where Covid-19 has caused genuine devastation.

Saturday 28 November

Moderator’s Church-wide Call to Prayer­ –

  • General Council | Please pray for the General Council as it meets this week and endeavours to carry out the work of PCI in challenging circumstances. Please also pray for the work of Linkage Commission as it meets this week.
  • At Home for Christmas | Pray for congregations in the Republic, none of which have been able to meet face-to-face for the last number of weeks. Pray for PCI’s representations to government seeking to establish safe and open worship in our churches for the good of all in the community.