Sunday 21 May

  • Moderator | Teach us, O Lord, the value of faithfulness in the little things, and the significance of small words and deeds of grace for the glory of he who, though eternal entered the temporal, though great became small.
  • Answering God’s invitation to worship | Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost’. Isaiah 55:1. Ask God to help us freely find all we need in him as we worship today.

Monday 22 May

  • St Petersburg Christian University, Russia | Pray for the rector, staff and students, especially those graduating, that they would have strength, wisdom and vision for the future despite many challenges and uncertainties.
  • Gujarat United School of Theology (GUST), India | Give thanks and pray for the staff and students at GUST, remembering especially those embarking on ministries having graduated at the recent Valedictory Service.

Tuesday 23 May

  • Heather McCracken, deaconess in Belfast Trust | Give thanks for the opportunities there are to share the love of Jesus with people in the hospitals. Pray that the Lord would equip Heather as she encounters difficult situations and that she would know the Lord’s presence closely with her.
  • Greystones, Co Wicklow | Give thanks that the church building project is nearing completion. Pray for wisdom into how best to use the new facilities to bless the community, and to engage in fruitful ministry.

Wednesday 24 May

  • Diane Cusick (global mission worker, Zambia) | Continue to pray for Diane’s recovery, for strength both physical and spiritual, and as she looks forward in the hope of being able to return to her work in Zambia.
  • Sudan | Pray for an immediate cessation to the conflict in Sudan, especially in Khartoum and Darfur. Remember all those displaced or fleeing, and pray that vital food relief will reach the millions threatened by hunger.

Thursday 25 May

  • Henry Coulter, assistant project leader at International Meeting Point, South Belfast | Give thanks that so many asylum seekers and refugees come into the centre and for good engagement with the Christianity Explored course that has Farsi subtitles. Pray that the staff & volunteers may have great strength, wisdom and grace as they serve.
  • Howth and Malahide | Pray for the members of the congregations, that they would grow in deeper fellowship with the Lord Jesus and desire to seek his face. Pray for Rev Alastair Dunlop, that he would know the Lord’s leading and guiding in all he does.

Friday 26 May

  • Aaron House | Aaron House is a residential care home for people with a profound learning disability. Pray for staff as they attend training; also pray for the recruitment of new staff. Pray for the recruitment day on 29 June, that God will lead the right people, with a heart to provide exceptional care for the residents in Aaron House.
  • Local Government | Pray for councillors who have been elected to serve on local councils in Northern Ireland, and for those in the Republic of Ireland who have one more year to serve before elections there. Pray especially for those who will take up the role of Mayor or Chair for the coming year, that they would display good leadership and make a positive impact representing their local communities.

Saturday 27 May

  • General Council | Pray for the Moderator-Designate, Rev Dr Sam Mawhinney, as he prepares in heart and mind for the 2023 General Assembly and his year in office. Pray for him and his wife Karen as they think through all the practical changes and adjustments that will come to their lives.
  • Training in Ministry | During May, ministry students study intensively some of the aspects of ministry that will be important during their summer placements, not least pastoral care. Pray for the students, that as they reflect on this training, it will be significant in equipping them to serve the Lord in ministry.