In this moment

A prayer for creativity as normal gives way to new
Creator God,
you have made all things out of nothing;
out of emptiness and darkness,
fashioned every form of life,
and birthed light for each new day.
In this moment –
the ways we have always done things
seem inadequate and redundant;
we know things have to be different,
but our well-worn routines shackle our thinking;
our range of vision for alternatives
is limited by our struggle to imagine other possibilities.
Help us in this twilight zone,
between what was and what is to come.
Give us a sense of your presence with us in the storm,
speaking to us above howling wind and tossing wave,
calling us to take courage,
not to fear,
inviting us to take those first faltering steps,
in answer to your call out of the familiar,
to exercise fresh faith in you.
Draw our eyes to Jesus,
and fix them there.
Reach out your hand and catch us,
in those times when our faith shrinks,
and our doubts grow.
Expand our thinking,
enlarge our courage,
enable wise choices,
extend your grace,
engage us heart, mind and soul,
equip us for what lies ahead.
For you are making all things new,
and we want to be renewed as your people,
after the image of Christ.
In whose name we pray.

Sunday 21 June

Ministers and members

  • Pray for ministers preparing to preach and communicate in the new world of digital communication, asking that God will give them a word from himself and the ability to deliver it effectively.
  • Pray for the many members of congregations using their gifts to provide digital ministry to all ages, asking that God would continue to give clarity and creativity in sharing his truth.

Monday 22 June

Local and global mission

  • Pray for congregations whose gates and doors may be shut for now, but whose witness continues through members contributing to their local communities, asking that God will make his love shown and ways known in the lives of many who have no church connection.
  • Pray for the people of Malawi as they re-run presidential elections tomorrow, asking God that the election process be conducted fairly and peacefully, with people being disciplined in social-distancing so as to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

Tuesday 23 June

The vulnerable and those shielding

  • Pray for those who are particularly vulnerable in this season of turmoil – including the frail, elderly, isolated, homeless and poor – asking that God would protect them and bring comfort and strength.
  • Pray for those who are shielding because they are particularly vulnerable to infection from coronavirus due to underlying health conditions, asking God to give them perseverance as they endure ongoing lockdown restrictions and peace of heart in a still anxious moment.  

Wednesday 24 June

Behind the scenes work to support congregations and church life

  • Pray for those continuing to work behind the scenes to support congregations and the wider church in practical areas such as finance, payroll, IT, creative production and property, asking God that he would give wisdom, energy and effectiveness in delivery of their ministry.
  • Pray for those writing devotionals, composing blogs, compiling material for prayer and contributing to podcasts as part of the These Three Remain initiative to encourage the church in this season of life, asking that God would minister in and through them to bless his people in their walk of faith.

Thursday 25 June

Furloughed workers

  • Pray for furloughed workers as they experience both the opportunity to rest from their labours but also the frustration of being unable to pursue their God given calling, asking for renewal and reassurance of God’s perfect timing.
  • Pray for those who minister in congregations, PCI projects and through the councils of the church who have been furloughed, asking that God will still restlessness of heart in this period of pause and inspire imagination with fresh creativity for return to work during this time of waiting.

Friday 26 June

Churches considering resumption of activities

  • Pray for leadership in congregations as they carefully consider what activities they might resume as lockdown restrictions gradually ease, asking that God will give wisdom in a moment which requires careful judgement.
  • Pray for increasing clarity from government and statutory bodies in the communication of good practice in bringing groups of people together, asking God that this might shed ever clearer light on possibilities and responsibilities as congregations consider the implications of gathering again.

Saturday 27 June

PCI care homes

  • Pray for the continuing ministry of PCI residential facilities, thanking God that they have remained relatively infection free during the coronavirus pandemic, and asking him to bless their ongoing witness among residents, families and the wider community.
  • Pray for care home staff and those who oversee the work of social witness for PCI, asking that God would continue to give clarity of judgement and daily renewal of strength in what continues to be an intense period of ministry.