Sunday 21 August

  • Moderator | Pray for the Moderator as he takes time over the summer months to prepare for the busy autumn schedule of meetings and events. Pray especially that he might be led by the Lord in his sermon preparation, that he might bring a word in season in the various congregations in which he will preach.
  • Worship throughout the year: Pray for the welcomers | Give thanks for those who welcome worshippers each week as an expression of God’s welcome to us in Christ. Ask God to use them to encourage regular worshippers and make newcomers feel at home.

Monday 22 August

  • Volker & JinHyeog Glissmann (global mission workers, Southern Africa) | Give thanks for a time of rest and refreshment with family and friends in N Ireland this summer. Pray for JinHyeog and their two boys returning soon to Malawi. Pray for Volker as he remains in N Ireland until the end of September to undertake deputation.
  • Kenya | Pray for the leadership and members of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA). Pray for the church’s efforts to reach out with the gospel to those living in remote areas of Kenya.

Tuesday 23 August

  • Sylvia Santos-Bryce (deaconess, West Church, Ballymena) | Give thanks for God’s guidance and provision. Pray that God would use Sylvia as a channel of his love and peace in her pastoral role. Pray that families with young children would know God’s care and protection as they journey through many changes.
  • Howth & Malahide | Pray for God’s blessing on the congregation as it prepares for the beginning of a new church year. Pray especially for their work reaching out to children and young people.

Wednesday 24 August

  • Edwin & Anne Kibathi (global mission workers, East African community in the UK) | Pray for ministries amongst children, young people, men and women to overflow into effective mission in the wider community.
  • Hungarian Reformed Church | Pray for the work and witness of the Church in Hungary, Romania and Ukraine. Give thanks for the practical assistance they are providing to help people from Ukraine who have fled their homes. Pray too for the church leaders and members in Transcarpathia, Ukraine to know the Lord is with them.

Thursday 25 August

  • Gary Aitcheson (prison chaplain) | Pray for the appointment soon of new Methodist and Church of Ireland chaplains to help provide combined church services. Pray for some prisoners who want to follow Jesus but are struggling.
  • Forces chaplains | Pray for our forces chaplains as they provide pastoral care and support to members of the armed forces and lead services of worship and prayers.

Friday 26 August

  • Social Witness | The Council’s Business and Finance Panel are the task force behind the Council’s work and witness. As they meet this week, pray they will be blessed with wisdom in the decisions they make, with courage to face the challenges ahead and with compassion for the many people who depend on this ministry.
  • Politics | As members of the Conservative Party elect a new leader who will become the UK’s next Prime Minister, pray that the eventual winner and their new Cabinet will govern with a spirit of justice, mercy and humility.

Saturday 27 August

  • General Council | Pray for members of staff in Assembly Buildings that they might have been able to get time for refreshment and rest over the summer period. Pray for all the various councils and committees of the General Assembly, and the staff who service them, as the busy autumn schedule of meetings approaches.
  • Training in Ministry | On 1 September each year, the current cohort of Licentiates become eligible to be called as a minister. Give thanks for the way the Lord has equipped them over their five years of training. Pray that he would guide them to the congregation in which he wishes them to serve, and that he would use them to build his church.