Sunday 20 June

  • Moderator | Give thanks that the Church Leaders of the major Christian traditions in Ireland can speak together on matters of national concern, and do so with a united voice. Pray for the Irish Council of Churches and its current President, Very Rev Dr Ivan Patterson.
  • Being an obedient people | Ask God to help us to be an obedient people, aware of our tendency to want to go our own way, ready to trust that his ways for us are good and right and true.

Monday 21 June

  • Covid-19 | Pray for all affected by Covid-19 around the world; those who have the virus, those recovering, and those who have lost loved ones. Pray for people around the world who are suffering due to pressures on healthcare systems and those suffering great hardship due to economic effects of the pandemic.
  • Gary & Mary Reid (global mission workers, Kenya) | Pray for the church families in Olkinyei & Siana, that they will be guided by God. Pray that many more people in Maasailand will come to know Jesus as their Saviour.

Tuesday 22 June

  • Rev Norman Harrison (chaplain, Royal Group of Hospitals) | Pray for wisdom and guidance for Norman as he provides pastoral care and support to patients, their families and staff during difficult times.
  • Taughmonagh, Belfast | Give thanks that the members of Taughmonagh have remained faithful to God during lockdown. Remaining a close church family, they continue to be generous in their giving and have welcomed some new faces with the return of in-person times of worship.

Wednesday 23 June

  • Steve & Rosie Kennedy (global mission workers, Romania) | Pray for ongoing involvement in the daily life and witness of Tóköz congregation through the Youth Band and most recently Bible Class, alongside preaching for Steve and work in the Kindergarten for Rosie.
  • Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) | Pray for the leadership and members of PCEA’s congregations (over 1,000 in Kenya and a small number in Tanzania and Uganda). Pray that the church will continue to grow.

Thursday 24 June

  • Tracey Nicholl (deaconess in St James’, Ballymoney) | Pray for Living Hope Community which Tracey is involved with, who hope to distribute school uniforms in August to families in need in their local community. Pray also that the Lord would use Tracey in this time to glorify him.
  • Westbourne, Belfast | Pray for the urban mission congregation of Westbourne in east Belfast. Pray too for the local community, especially over the summer months, when tensions can increase.

Friday 25 June

  • Social Witness | Pray that the numerous staff vacancies within Social Witness (CSW) will be filled, and that the recruitment campaigns may produce suitable applicants. Give thanks for those who have recently started employment in CSW and for the Personnel Department who work tirelessly to recruit.
  • World Leaders | Following the recent meeting of the G7 hosted by the UK, pray that commitments made by global leaders in relation to global vaccine rollout and climate change will be implemented and have a positive impact for those countries facing the worst effects of these significant challenges.

Saturday 26 June

  • General Council | The General Council, the most representative body of the General Assembly, meets next week, on 30 June.  Please pray for wisdom in decision making as reports are received and necessary preparations are agreed for the forthcoming meeting of the General Assembly in October 2021.
  • Council for Training in Ministry | Union College Management Committee meets on 28 June. Give thanks for the past academic year, & for how the Lord sustained staff & students through very testing times. Pray the Lord would give the Committee wisdom, especially as significant repairs are needed to the library ceiling and heating system.