Sunday 20 February

  • Moderator | Pray for the needs of the people of Afghanistan, and for the response of our churches to a letter from the Moderator (13 February 2022) highlighting the humanitarian and spiritual needs on the ground.
  • Worship: Devoted as God’s people | ‘They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.’ Acts 2:42. Ask God that our church family in worship might be a place in which we express devotion to him and one another in his name.

Monday 21 February

  • Stephen & Angelina Cowan (global mission workers, Kenya) | Prayfor God’s blessing on Stephen & Angelina as they continue to serve in the Tuum area of northern Kenyan. Pray for good attendance at the monthly teaching times and that people’s hearts and minds will be open what is shared at these.
  • Afghanistan | Pray for the people of Afghanistan, especially those struggling to afford enough food and other basic necessities. Pray too for our partners Christian Aid Ireland and Tearfund helping those in need.

Tuesday 22 February

  • Hazel Reid (deaconess First Broughshane and part-time healthcare chaplain) | Pray that Hazel will know the Lord’s strength and guidance as she seeks to bring encouragement, comfort and support to those in First Broughshane as well as patients in the Causeway Hospital and NI Hospice. 
  • Glenelly (Co Tyrone) | Pray for the weekly ministry of the Word – within the building and relayed to the car park. Pray too for the Sunday School, currently impacted by Covid-19 and for pupils from the local school.

Wednesday 23 February

  • Steve & Rosie Kennedy (global mission workers, Romania) | Pray for plans to increase the frequency of Cluj Christian Fellowship meetings in order to develop deeper community and fellowship, and pray for wisdom in deciding the best format. Pray too for Steve and Rosie as they continue learning both Hungarian and Romanian.
  • Hungarian Reformed Church | Pray for God’s blessing on congregations in Hungary, Romania and Ukraine as they continue to minister and reach out to others. Pray too for wisdom and guidance for church leaders.

Thursday 24 February

  • Michelle Stewart (community outreach worker, Trinity Cloughey) | Pray for the Hope Explored course they are starting in a local golf club in March, for many people from the local community to join and for all the discussions. Pray for plans for an Easter community project and for good engagement with families in the village.
  • Gortin (Co Tyrone) | Pray for Rev John Hanna (Stated Supply) as he gets to know the congregation. Praise God for increased attendance since the start of the year and for more families to come back to worship. Pray for the congregation as they plan a family get together later in the summer.

Friday 25 February

  • Social Witness | Human trafficking is a process in which persons, by force or deception, lose their freedom and become slaves. Pray for all those caught up in human trafficking, for courage and perseverance and for hope in their individual situations. Pray also for those who work tirelessly to combat human trafficking.
  • International Relations | There are many global issues presenting significant challenges to world leaders. Pray for wisdom in decision-making, opportunities for positive collaboration, and outcomes which de-escalate tensions. Pray also for agencies providing support to people displaced in areas of conflict.

Saturday 26 February

  • General Council | Give thanks for our 19 Presbytery Clerks who serve diligently and often in the background, ensuring that the work of presbyteries proceeds in order. Pray for the appointment of new Presbytery Moderators, mostly in March.
  • Training in Ministry | Union College Management Committee meets on Monday 28 February. Give thanks for those with gifts and experience in this area who give of their time in service of the Lord and his Church in this Committee. Pray that the Committee will be led by the Lord in all of the matters before it this week.