Sunday 20 December

  • Moderator | At home for Christmas – Continuing to think about the Moderator’s theme for Advent, pray that the blogs written by guest writers reflecting on the impact the current crisis has had on our churches (and other themes) and the Tides Daily Bible reading guides, will be a rich source of material to enable all congregations to respond and reflect deeply on their response to the challenging situation presented by the Covid-19 crisis – both here at home and across the world.
  • Worshipping with Christmas in sight | Today as we worship with Christmas in sight, ask God to give us a sense of his presence with us found in ordinary ways which mirror the simplicity of Jesus’ coming.

Monday 21 December

  • Global mission workers | Pray for all PCI global mission workers this Christmas, whether they are overseas or in Ireland. Pray that each will be blessed and encouraged as they celebrate the birth of the One they are seeking to serve.
  • Middle East | This area of the world has suffered much in recent years, especially the people of Syria. Pray for peace, justice and stability throughout the region and for the growth of the local Church.

Tuesday 22 December

  • Forces Chaplains | Pray for PCI Forces chaplains, members of the Forces and those who are serving overseas at present. Pray for their safety and health and remember them and their families, who are remaining at home over Christmas.  
  • Prison Chaplains | Pray for all involved in PCI’s prison chaplaincy Pray that chaplains would have opportunities to share their faith and the good news of Christ’s birth this Christmas.

Wednesday 23 December

  • Moderator’s Christmas Appeal | Pray that the Moderator’s Christmas Appeal – ‘At home for Christmas?’ which seeks to support people in fragile, vulnerable countries suffering due to Covid-19, will receive generous support.
  • Refugees | Pray for all around the world who are refugees or internally displaced. Pray that they will receive humanitarian assistance to rebuild their lives and that they will have hope in Jesus Christ.

Thursday 24 December

  • Immigrants to Ireland | Pray for people who have made their home in Ireland in recent times. Pray that they will come into contact with local congregations, find a warm welcome and hear the Good News.
  • International Meeting Point | Pray for the work and witness of the International Meeting Point in reaching out with the gospel to an increasingly multi-cultural Belfast. Pray especially for those who have been coming along to the Bible studies, that each will come to a deep faith in Christ.

Friday 25 December

  • Social Witness | Pray for residents & tenants of residential/nursing homes & Supported Living Units as they celebrate the birth of Jesus. Give thanks for the dedication of staff who are having to work on Christmas Day. 
  • Christmas | Pray that those feeling the pain of loss, or dealing with trauma, this Christmas would know and be assured of the hope and restoration that Jesus, Light of the World, can bring.

Saturday 26 December

  • General Council | Pray for the Council as it responds to changing government legislation and guidelines and as it encourages and guides congregations as they respond to varying levels of restrictions across the country.  Pray that the balance may be found between ensuring the safety of congregations and enabling them to participate in worship in the run up to Christmas.
  • Training in Ministry | Ministry students are on Christmas break until 4 January. The last semester was testing, with some teaching moving online, and some students and staff isolating and testing positive for Covid-19. Pray that students and staff of Union would know the Lord’s refreshing and be prepared for the next semester’s study.