In this moment

A prayer of new appreciation of silence
Lord of softly spoken truth,
I hear the volume of life steadily rising,
how it’s all getting so noisy once again.
In lockdown everything seemed so much quieter,
no planes, less traffic,
fewer crowds, more tranquility.
Lockdown helped me to learn to listen perhaps as never before,
it truly was a time to be silent,
to hear creation voice its praise of you,
to hear one another in a deeper way,
to hear the inner voice of my soul.
Thank you for reminding me that you can be found in the silence,
and that I often fail to sense you present amid the daily hubbub of a busy life.
Thank you for the uncomfortable sense of conviction that silence evoked,
of how often I sin in words casually thought and carelessly uttered,
all adding to the clamour of godless inner and outer chatter.
Thank you for the silent moments of deeper appreciation of all your gifts,
calling forth fresh thanks and praise, fuller adoration and gratitude.
As the racket of life ramps up once more,
help me to carefully recall and retain –
the silent awe of just being in your company,
the silent response as your Spirit brings home your Word to my heart,
the silent heart of prayerful reflection,
the silent moment to remember you go before me in an eventful day,
the silent, unspoken love given and received in just being with someone special.
Hear these my prayers,
softly spoken, deeply felt,
gently offered, greatly sought,
from the one who hears even my inward groans,
as I wait for the full unfolding of future hope in you.
In Jesus’ name.

Sunday 2 August

Renewed thankfulness and praise

  • Give thanks and praise to God for his mercy, grace, provision and blessing, asking for an attitude of gratitude to saturate our church life at this time.
  • Pray for those who facilitate our worship in music and song enabling us to praise God with heart and voice, asking that he will equip them for the challenges of having to deploy their gifts differently in this period.

Monday 3 August


  • Give thanks to God for the impact of government funding which has protected employment and supported many businesses through the period of lockdown, asking that it will bear fruit in saving jobs.
  • Pray for those who have lost their jobs and those who are impacted by their loss of income, asking that God would help them quickly find work in their field or retrain for a new sphere of working life.

Tuesday 4 August


  • Give thanks for God’s protection of family life during the coronavirus lockdown, asking that he would continue to enable spouses, parents, children and wider family life to thrive in their relationships.
  • Pray for those families who have particularly felt the strain of the last few months, asking that God would restore his peace in relationships and his calm where there is ongoing stress and strain.

Wednesday 5 August

Domestic abuse

  • Pray for those who have suffered, or are suffering, domestic abuse which has increased during the period of lockdown, asking that God will be their safety, comfort and strength.
  • Give thanks for family, friends and organisations who are helping victims of abuse providing refuge and supporting recovery, asking that God will use their work to bring hope and healing.

Thursday 6 August


  • Give thanks that schooling is going to be able to return in the new term, asking God to smooth the path towards the safe return of pupils, teachers and other staff.
  • Pray that God will enable the satisfactory resolution of many difficulties surrounding classroom set up, social distancing, blended learning and transport so that the new term can restart positively.

Friday 7 August

Those living with trauma

  • Pray for those living with trauma due to the period of the pandemic and pressures of lockdown restrictions, asking that God would gently restore them mind, body and soul.
  • Pray especially for those in the hospital and care sectors drained from the strain of caring for the vulnerable, suffering and dying during the worst of the pandemic, asking for a sense of God’s peace and calm.

Saturday 8 August

Ministry organisations

  • Give thanks to God for the many ministries and organisations that have supported and resourced the church’s response to the coronavirus and lockdown period.
  • Pray for those ministries and organisations particularly struggling with funding and other issues resulting from the period of lockdown, asking that God would provide and help them reshape their work as circumstances dictate.