Sunday 19 September

  • Moderator | BBC Radio 4 will broadcast a service with the Moderator and involving musicians from the New Irish Choir and Orchestra on Sunday 19 September. Thank God for the opportunities the churches are given to broadcast and pray that this service will be a blessing to many.
  • Regrouping and regathering for worship | Thank God for how he has helped families, children and young people through the pandemic. Pray that they would continue to re-integrate into worshipping life as greater normality returns.

Monday 20 September

  • Naomi Leremore (global mission worker in Kenya) | Give thanks for the Theological Education by Extension team of writers (including Naomi) who have been working on a mentorship guidebook. Pray that the guide will be completed soon and will be helpful for those involved in mentoring teenagers.
  • Afghanistan | Pray for those evacuated or still trying to flee Afghanistan, that they would find refuge and be guided in their next steps. Pray for Christians to be strengthened in their witness and for all minorities to be protected.

Tuesday 21 September

  • Rosemary Spiers (deaconess in Greenwell Street, Newtownards) | Give thanks to God for many returning to church and ministries restarting. Pray that during the ‘BER’ months, SeptemBER, OctoBER, NovemBER and DecemBER, there would be many opportunities taken to ‘Bear one anothers burdens’.
  • Glenelly (Co Tyrone) | Give thanks for the online Holiday Bible Club. Pray that God’s Word would bear fruit in young lives. Pray for the ongoing in-building and drive-in services on Sundays and for souls to be saved.

Wednesday 22 September

  • Derek and Jane French (global mission workers in Spain) | Pray for Bilbao International Church committee as they make plans for this autumn. Due to the pandemic and lack of job opportunities, the committee has lost half their members. Pray for God to provide the right people to replace those who have left.
  • Global Mission | Pray for wisdom and guidance for the Council for Global Mission, its committees, panels and task groups, remembering especially Rev Uel Marrs (secretary) and Rev Dr Liz Hughes (convener).

Thursday 23 September

  • Mark Annett (First Rathfriland, Co Down) | Give thanks for the recent Holiday Bible Club and pray for the resulting outreach opportunities. Pray for wisdom as church groups / activities recommence. Pray that the continued online presence would be a chance to speak to many who otherwise may not hear the good news.
  • Greystones (Co Wicklow) | Give thanks for the easing of restrictions, and pray for wisdom in expanding into these new freedoms. Pray for plans to begin an Alpha course this month and that people will come along.

Friday 24 September

  • Social Witness | Pray for all medical, nursing & social care staff as they continue to work through the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pray that they may be given renewed energy when they are exhausted and drained. Give thanks for their commitment and dedication over the last 19 months of the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Financial pressures | Give thanks for organisations like Christians Against Poverty and Trussell Trust who support those facing financial hardship. Pray that those struggling financially would be able to access and receive the support they need.

Saturday 25 September

  • General Council | Pray for the Linkage Commission as it meets next week to consider a number of vacancies and other important reports.  Pray for the convener, James Livingstone and secretary, Rev Ker Graham, as they continue to give leadership to the work of the Commission in these challenging times.
  • Training in Ministry | Next week, a Pre-retirement Conference is planned for ministers due to retire in the next couple of years & their spouses. Many ministers find the adjustments of retirement challenging moving house, joining a new congregation, & ceasing full-time ministry. Pray for recently retired ministers and those planning for retirement, that the Lord will give grace for the changes and use them in a new season of life.