In this moment

A prayer of confession from a world stopped in its tracks
All sovereign God,
we come before you humbled by the experience of coronavirus and lockdown.
Our world has been stopped in its tracks:
so much of what we take for granted suddenly became uncertain;
so many of the plans we made have not prevailed,
our lives really feel like a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.
We confess we do not like the sense of not being in command,
we are reluctant to release control even to you,
we see so many ways in which we have been proud, boastful and foolish.
Forgive us for our lack of faith that has been revealed,
for the restlessness in our hearts that has been uncovered,
for the many ways in which we stubbornly rebel against you.
Teach us what it means to seek first your Kingdom,
for your Kingdom to come and your will to be done,
to patiently allow your Kingdom to grow like a tiny seed to a great tree.
For too often our thoughts are not your thoughts,
our ways are not your ways,
as the heavens are higher than the earth,
so your ways and will tower above our puny imaginings.
For you reign, rule and overrule,
for your glory and our good,
and that your grace might be known to the ends of the earth.
In Jesus’ Name.

Sunday 19 July

The light of God’s Word

  • Give thanks for the many ways in which God’s Word has proved to be a lamp to our feet as we have walked the path of pandemic and lived through the days of lockdown.
  • Pray that God would continue to guide those who feed us through preaching and teaching to parts of Scripture that speak especially to present circumstances and enable them to open up their truth.

Monday 20 July

Leaders and managers

  • Give thanks for those who continue to give leadership in every sphere of life as they continue to decide on many difficult matters and carefully guide in days of ongoing uncertainty.
  • Pray for those who manage others, asking that God would help them be caring in every situation and build increasing confidence in those who look to them for leadership as they resume working life.

Tuesday 21 July

Care homes

  • Give thanks for the many ways in which staff in care homes have shown great dedication and devotion to residents in a time of great stress and strain.
  • Pray for the ongoing battle to keep care homes infection free, asking God to gradually restore normal patterns of daily life together and safety in visiting.

Wednesday 22 July

Wisdom in witness

  • Give thanks for a greater awareness among many of the fragility of life and our need of God.
  • Pray that God would give many opportunities among friends, neighbours and colleagues for wise and winsome witness to the difference faith and hope in Christ can bring to life and wider society.

Thursday 23 July

Children and young people

  • Give thanks for the many ways in which congregations have creatively supported the ongoing development of faith and witness to Christ among children and young people during lockdown.
  • Pray for children and young people, asking that God would use summer months and the ongoing return to more normal patterns of life to restore peace of heart and mind.

Friday 24 July

Those recovering from COVID- 19

  • Give thanks for those who are now recovering from contracting the COVID-19 virus and their stories of what God has done.
  • Pray for those who still feel weak and tired as they continue to recover, asking that God would continue to build their strength and energy levels.

Saturday 25 July

Lessons learned

  • Give thanks to God for the many lessons learned through the trials of recent months, asking for grace to know our lives truly changed and wisdom in knowing how to better follow his ways.
  • Pray that as individuals and congregations we would not lose the lessons God wants to teach us through recent experiences in our rush to return to routine.