In this moment

A prayer from here for everywhere in this global pandemic

LORD of all the earth,
In this moment of global pandemic,
our horizons are suddenly expanded.
Hard borders on the island of Ireland,
trade borders in the Irish Sea,
building bridges to Scotland,
seem so much less important when politics is paralysed and retail has receded.
All our insular red lines are increasingly fading to pink.
Suddenly we are interested in what is happening in Italy,
keen to learn from the experiences of countries like China.
Impress upon us in these days that we really are global disciples:
part of a bigger church and world,
called to live with love locally to those from whom we are socially distanced,
but also to pray with passion for those from whom we are spatially distanced and will never meet.
Hear our prayer,
for nations near and far,
for peoples of every tribe and tongue,
for the global effort to fight this virus.
Remind us that,
Jesus shall reign where’er the sun,
Does his successive journey’s run;
His Kingdom stretch from shore to shore,
Till suns shall rise and set no more.
Lord of all peoples,
hear our prayer from this place,
for your world.
In Jesus’ Name,

Sunday 19 April

Pray for the world in time of global pandemic

  • Pray for the world, asking God not just to intervene in Ireland, but in every country and among all peoples touched by the pandemic. Particularly remember those in poorer countries with no health service.
  • Pray for progress in global cooperation to achieve greater understanding of how to slow the pandemic, sharing of medical supplies and protective equipment, as well as scientific research in finding a vaccine.

Monday 20 April

Health care

  • Pray for wisdom for key decision makers within the health service who have to make careful choices about the allocation of resources. Pray for many in the healthcare system who have been redeployed, that they would quickly fit into their roles and build good relationships with new colleagues.
  • Pray for frontline medical staff and the many others who support their work of caring, that God will keep them safe and well, able to use the gifts that he has given them while under increasing stress and pressure.

Tuesday 21 April

Pastoral care

  • Pray for ministers as they face the challenges of conducting funerals in a different way, asking that God would provide them with both sensitivity and creativity as they manage the expectations of family and friends and offer love and care in time of social distancing.
  • Pray for ministers, elders, pastoral care teams and others who are seeking to provide pastoral care and comfort for those who are only contactable by telephone, that God will give them listening ears and the words to say and pray so as to bring something of his presence to the most isolated.

Wednesday 22 April

Care homes

  • Pray for care homes, including those run by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, asking that God will keep them infection free, give staff energy and residents a sense of calm. Pray for reassurance for families of loved ones in this period when they cannot visit.
  • Pray for those who have volunteered to offer extra support in care homes, that God will use their gifts and skills to support the work of caring for the most frail and vulnerable in society.

Thursday 23 April

The church: Its witness and work

  • Pray for the church’s message of the gospel, asking that in conversation members may provide comfort to those in crisis, counter fear with faith and speak hope in a time of much hysteria.
  • Pray for energy and wisdom for the Moderator, Clerk of the General Assembly and others involved in offering leadership, advice and support to congregations and the church at large in these challenging days.

Friday 24 April

Government and Public Affairs

  • Pray for governments in Dublin and London, asking God for wisdom and clarity as they continue to manage the crisis caused by Coronavirus and take advice on the continuation or relaxation of lockdown measures. Continue to pray for the health of UK Prime Minster Boris Johnston and his safe return to playing his full role in Cabinet.
  • Pray for the Northern Ireland Executive at this time of increased tension for government, asking God for cool heads, good judgement, wise allocation of resources and a spirit of cooperation.

Saturday 25 April


  • Pray for PCI healthcare chaplains working in support of medical staff, families and patients as they face unprecedented pressures, asking that God would use their ministry especially to staff under stress and among families facing bereavement.
  • Pray for university and college chaplains responding to the closure of normal activities on campus and the return of most students to their homes, asking that God would continue to use them as they keep in touch by telephone and other media.