Sunday 18 June

  • Moderator | “It is never time to give up, though we often feel it. Renew and restore our faith in your good purposes for your Glory that guarantees everything will work for the good you choose in your church.”
  • Worship in the family of God | Dear friend, you are faithful in what you are doing for the brothers and sisters, even though they are strangers to you.’ 3 John 1:5. In this week of General Assembly, give thanks for our denominational family. Pray for a sense of God’s presence in PCI congregations meeting to worship God all over Ireland today.

Monday 19 June

  • Global mission workers | Give thanks for the dedicated service of PCI’s global mission workers. Pray that each will know the Lord’s leading and guidance in all aspects of their work and witness. Pray too for their health and safety at all times, and for their families.
  • Global mission partners | Give thanks for the faithful witness of PCI’s partner churches & mission organisations around the world, and pray for safe and trouble-free travel for partner church delegates attending this year’s Assembly.

Tuesday 20 June

  • Mission in Ireland | Give thanks for the service of Mission in Ireland personnel, deaconesses, Irish mission workers, chaplains and community outreach workers supported by mission grants. Pray that each will know God’s blessing and equipping as they continue to serve him and share the gospel in Ireland.
  • Mission in Ireland | Give thanks and pray for the ongoing work and witness of home and urban mission congregations, and in particular for the ministers of these congregations.

Wednesday 21 June

  • Opening Night | Pray for the Opening Night Service of General Assembly beginning at 7pm in the Assembly Hall, Belfast. Pray for the outgoing Moderator, Rt Rev Dr John Kirkpatrick, as he conducts the first part of the service and pray also for the incoming Moderator, Rev Dr Samuel Mawhinney as he is installed for the incoming year.
  • General Council | Pray for the General Assembly as it considers the work of the General Council of the Church. This will be presented in seven different sections beginning on Thursday morning and running right through to Saturday afternoon. Pray for the convener, Very Rev Dr Noble McNeely and the secretary, Rev Trevor Gribben who will be presenting the reports.

Thursday 22 June

  • Council for Social Witness | Pray for Dermot Parsons, Council director and secretary, as he attends to his day-to-day duties and as he gives his report alongside Rev David Brice, convener, to the 2023 General Assembly. Pray that the report will be well received. Pray for the new Moderator, Dr Mawhinney, that he will have the opportunity to visit Council for Social Witness Services during his moderatorial year. Pray for the CSW team based in Assembly Buildings.
  • Council for Public Affairs | Pray for Rev Daniel Kane, convener of the Council for Public Affairs, as he presents the Council’s report to the General Assembly this afternoon. In the context of a changing island, north and south, pray that the Council, its committee and panels would continue to engage in the public square confidently and graciously.

Friday 23 June

  • Council for Global Mission | Pray for the Listening to the Global Church presentation to the Assembly today at 2.45pm, especially for all those participating from the front, and that Assembly delegates would be challenged by what is shared.
  • Council for Mission in Ireland | Pray for wisdom as decisions are made regarding mission in Ireland and in particular church planting at the General Assembly tonight. Pray for the Very Rev Dr Frank Sellar (Council convener) and Mr Rick Hill (secretary) as they present the report.

Saturday 24 June

  • CLW | The Council for Congregational Life and Witness seeks to support the development of the weekly work and outreach of congregations. Pray for the Council, its committees, panels and staff as they continue to connect with needs on the ground so as to effectively envision, equip and enable leaders and members for ministry and mission among all ages.
  • Training in Ministry | Pray for Nigel McCullough, the Council convener, as he presents the Council’s report to the General Assembly this afternoon. Pray for the Assembly, as it hears the report, and considers the recommendation that flexible pathways for ministry students should be extended.