Sunday 17 March

  • Moderator | The Moderator will be in Maynooth and Kilkenny churches today. Pray for all the events in Ireland this week remembering the legacy of St Patrick. Continue to pray for the salvation of many in Ireland and the proclamation of the gospel in the island of Ireland.
  • Worship: With Easter in sight | Ask that God would help us find fresh hope and joy in him as we worship in the run up to another Easter time.

Monday 18 March

  • Csaba and Ilona Veres, global mission workers, Hungary | Give thanks that Csaba and Ilona’s residency papers were obtained quickly and that they had a joyful experience sharing their calling at the immigration office. Give thanks for new friendships formed and building of relationships in Bodaszőlő with the team, families and individuals.
  • Christian Church of Sumba (GKS) | Pray for the GKS General Secretary, Mr Jacob M Bili, that he would know strength, encouragement and wisdom in his important leadership role.

Tuesday 19 March

  • Michaela Tucillo, community outreach worker, Abbey Monkstown | Pray for Michaela as she serves the congregation in Abbey Presbyterian, Monkstown and the local community. Pray that connections would be made with people who have little contact with a church.
  • Trinity, Aghada and Cork | Pray for the new appointment of a community outreach worker in Trinity, that they would get a good person for the job. Please pray for Aghada as they seek to find ways to reach the community around them.

Wednesday 20 March

  • Gary and Mary Reid, global mission workers, Kenya | Give thanks for the opportunities that Gary and Mary have had to speak about their work during their busy home assignment. Pray that they would know God’s guidance and encouragement as they look towards returning to Kenya.
  • Christian Presbyterian Church Pedvas Vivas, Portugal (ICPPV) | Give thanks for the elders and for all their endeavour towards the appointment of a new pastor for the congregation. Pray that this would progress smoothly in the coming months.

Thursday 21 March

  • Ballina and Killala | Pray for these two most westerly congregations as they prepare for Easter and begin to plan for summer activities.
  • Rachel Cubitt, deaconess, Whiteabbey | Give thanks & pray for Whiteabbey’s licentiate, Matthew Horner, & his family as he moves to Eglinton Presbyterian as their new minister on 15 March. Pray for the congregation in Whiteabbey in this time of change. Give thanks and pray for the leaders, helpers, boys and girls in their Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association.

Friday 22 March

  • Dementia | The number of people diagnosed with dementia is increasing. The condition is not just forgetfulness, but a collection of symptoms, including a gradual loss of the ability to think, learn, reason, communicate and carry out daily activities. In our Older People Services Care Homes, we have 40 beds specifically for those with dementia, and staff receive ongoing training on best practices in this area. Pray that people will not feel alone or isolated, and will be able to get advice and support. Pray that dementia-friendly communities can be promoted, and awareness of dementia raised.
  • Public Square | Prayer for the Peace and Reconciliation Panel and for the work that they do, pray especially for the work that they are currently doing for a Consultation on a Strategy for Victims and Survivors of Troubles/Conflict. Please Lord give them the wisdom to produce a balanced, gracious and informed response.

Saturday 23 March

  • General Council | Remember in prayer the staff team in Assembly Buildings in the busy period running up to the Easter break. Remember the staff as they meet together on Wednesday of holy week for a communion service. Pray that, in the midst of working life, this opportunity to focus on Christ’s death and resurrection might be meaningful.
  • Training in Ministry | Final interviews for ministry applicants take place on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 March, with ten applicants being interviewed. Pray for applicants and interview panel members, that they will have wisdom and discernment from God, to know his will for each applicant.