Sunday 17 July

  • Moderator | As the Moderator has opportunity to visit some tourist locations and congregations, please remember the need across the church to pray for tired and weary pastors and their families. Pray for your own minister, that their holiday will be a wonderful refreshment of body, mind and soul.
  • Resting in God in worship | Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done. Genesis 2:3. Thank God for the weekly cycle of ceasing from work to focus on worshipping him and ask that you may be refreshed by his presence today.

Monday 18 July

  • Naomi Keefe (global mission worker, Brazil) | Give thanks for the various outreach initiatives around John the Baptist day in June and pray that God will continue to speak to those who were present. Pray for the children and teenagers who come to the Reading Room and for the volunteers as they share what it means to be a Christian.
  • Indonesia | Pray for the Evangelical Christian Church in Timor which has around 1.5 million members. Pray for the reconstruction work they continue to be involved in following the damage caused by Cyclone Seroja in 2021. Pray too for plans for members of their leadership team to come on a partnership visit to PCI in September.

Tuesday 19 July

  • Donegal & Stranorlar (Co Donegal) | Pray for Rev Stephen Richmond and the ongoing work and witness of these two congregations. Pray that many visitors to Donegal over the summer may come along on a Sunday morning to worship God and hear from his Word.
  • Graeme Orr (chaplain, Ulster University – Magee Campus) | Pray that staff and students would be refreshed over the summer. Pray too for plans for chaplaincy work at the university in the academic year ahead.

Wednesday 20 July

  • Derek & Jane French (global mission workers, Spain) | Pray for GBU (university ministry) and GBE (high school ministry) camps from 24 to 31 July, that the students would be encouraged in their faith and would return to school and university with a renewed passion to share the good news of Jesus with the friends and peers.
  • Portugal | Pray for the Christian Presbyterian Church of Portugal. Pray for this small denomination to grow and flourish, and that through it, the Holy Spirit will bring many people to faith in Christ.

Thursday 21 July

  • Keith Preston (International Meeting Points – IMP) | Pray for wisdom and guidance for Keith as he leads the work of the two IMPs. Pray for those who attend the Bible studies, English classes, lunches, etc, and that many will come to faith in Jesus Christ. Pray too for those going through difficult times and IMP staff as they support them.
  • Drogheda (Co Meath) | Pray for the ongoing witness of the congregation over the summer months amongst family, friends and neighbours. Pray for Sunday services and the preaching through the Psalms this summer.

Friday 22 July

  • Social Witness | Pray for families over the summer months with children at home who are perhaps struggling due to the cost of living crisis. Pray that those on low incomes, who were only just managing before, may find the support they need. Give thanks for food banks and other Christian organisations which help those who are struggling.
  • End of Life Care | Pray for those who offer support and care to people nearing the end of their life in hospice or residential care, at home or in hospital. Pray that they would have wisdom in decision-making, and be able to respond with care and compassion.

Saturday 23 July

  • General Council | Pray for the staff in the General Secretary’s Department who will be carrying out a number of important post-Assembly tasks over the summer period. These include finalising the new PCI Directory, making the agreed changes to the Code and preparing the General Assembly Minutes for printing later in the autumn.
  • Training in Ministry | Ministry students are in the middle of their summer assistantships in local congregations. Pray that this experience will shape them and their practice of ministry, that the congregations in which they serve will be blessed through them, and that they will also have time for holiday to re-charge for the next academic year.