In this moment

A prayer for fresh motivation on return to work
Creator God,
you call us to work with you that all life might flourish,
spending our days in the use of the gifts that you give us,
for your glory and the good of others.
As our working lives begin to return to greater normality,
after such a long period of interruption or inactivity,
give us a fresh appreciation of work,
renew our motivation in the exercise of our callings,
help us to readily adjust to the changes we find,
in what we do and how we do it.
We feel the ground under our feet cursed by pandemic,
full of thorns and thistles that have grown up in lockdown.
The cold sweat of so many uncertainties settles on our brow,
as we contemplate what lies ahead.
So, we ask that you would work in us and through us.
Give energy to those who are tired,
having worked on through the difficult days of lockdown.
Help those who are returning from furlough,
to quickly adjust again to the rhythms and routines of working life.
Restore morale that has been shattered,
by the painful loss of colleagues to illness or cut backs,
by the reduction in clients and customer base,
by the obsolete planning that now lies in tatters.
Give us new insight to follow where you are leading,
grace in rebuilding team relationships,
agility of mind and method,
confidence in rising to new challenges,
servant hearts in tending to the needs of others.
Enable us to put our hand to the plough and not look back,
so fitting our work for the service of your kingdom.
For we ask it in Jesus’ name.

Sunday 16 August

The church family

  • Give thanks for your church family, asking God that your life together might be deepened by the shared experience of his presence in lockdown and progress towards more regular life together.
  • Pray for all those who make up your church family, young, old, families and singles, longstanding members and newcomers, asking God to bind you together in love and the service of his kingdom.

Monday 17 August

Staff teams

  • Give thanks for the mutual encouragement of fellow workers and staff teams in these difficult days in working life, asking that God would strengthen relationships and team work.
  • Pray for staff teams who are readjusting to the loss of colleagues due to financial cut backs and having to restructure working patterns, asking for God’s wisdom, grace and strength.

Tuesday 18 August

The younger generation

  • Pray for the younger generation who are likely to suffer most from the long-term damage to the economy and limitations of employment prospects, asking God to both provide and inspire creative responses.
  • Pray for those who have graduated from higher education courses this summer, asking God to help them find work that deploys their gifts and learning purposefully and positively for the good of society.

Wednesday 19 August

Outreach workers

  • Give thanks to God for PCI outreach workers serving in church and community, asking that God would use their gifts and bless their witness as society continues to respond to the pain of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Pray for evangelistic opportunities for outreach workers to share Christ in conversation, asking that God would bring his truth home to many hearts in these days.

Thursday 20 August


  • Give thanks that circumstances allow school life to resume once again, asking God to help governors, principals, teachers and other key staff to enable education to restart steadily and safely as a new term commences.
  • Pray for parents, grandparents, other carers, children and young people as all readjust to school restarting, asking God for patience, perseverance and steady progress towards normality.  

Friday 21 August

Well being

  • Give thanks that society as a whole has dealt with the challenges, stresses and strains of lockdown so well, asking God to continue to give resilience and endurance as some restrictions continue.
  • Pray particularly for those who are physically or mentally stressed by the experience of living through the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, asking God to bring his peace, calm and restoration to their souls.

Saturday 22 August

Union Theological College

  • Give thanks for preparations for a new term’s work at Union Theological College, asking God to bless staff and students as they get ready for another year’s study and life together in the college community.
  • Pray for students for the ministry returning to college or commencing study this year, asking God to help them know his presence in their work and preparing their hearts for future ministry.