Sunday 15 November

  • Moderator | Pray for the Moderator as he continues to visit congregations or prepare online content for them, for example, the service taking place at Donabate this Sunday, 15th November.
  • Ministries to children | Pray for those who will teach a lesson in Sunday school or children’s church, asking that God would help them open up and apply his Word to young minds and hearts.

Monday 16 November

  • Presbyterian Church of Myanmar | PCM is a small, but active Church in Myanmar, a majority Buddhist country. Pray for the Church leadership and members as they serve God in this context.
  • Presbyterian Church of Myanmar | Pray for PCM’s theological college at Tahan as they train men and women to serve in the Church. Pray for the provision of the right personnel and resources in the college.

Tuesday 17 November

  • Community outreach worker: Crumlin | Owen Wilson is a community outreach worker in Crumlin. Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel with the community as the church begins socially distanced outreach programmes. Pray also for Owen as he builds relationships within the church and community.
  • Community outreach worker: Crumlin | Pray for the church as they start congregational outreach training at the end of November, that they will be blessed and encouraged to share the Gospel where God has placed them.

Wednesday 18 November

  • Global mission worker: Brazil | Naomi Keefe serves in the north-east of Brazil in church and Bible-based community development and outreach. Give thanks for the children who have been able to stay connected by coming and borrowing books from the Reading Room.
  • Global mission worker: Brazil | Pray for families living in the favela. Many are missing social contact and haven’t been out of the favela for several months. Pray for wisdom and creativity for the volunteers who are visiting them.

Thursday 19 November

  • IMP South Belfast | Give thanks for how God is continuing to use the International Meeting Point in both North and South Belfast. Pray for the recent arrivals from East Africa, who the staff have been meeting one-on-one to help them adjust to life in Belfast.
  • IMP North Belfast | Give thanks for every day opportunities to pray for people in the IMP OpShop, and the opportunities to share God’s Word that have come out of this. Pray that the right people would be there at the right times.

Friday 20 November

  • Social Witness | Pray for the ongoing safety and good health of all residents in our Homes and Units in Older People Services. Give thanks for dedicated staff who continue to work long hours in challenging circumstances.
  • Brexit | Pray for those in business, retail, haulage and other sectors who will be impacted by changes brought about as a result of leaving the EU. Pray for clarity and transparency in decision making by those in authority as the deadline approaches.

Saturday 21 November

  • General Council | Pray for the Clerk of the General Assembly, Rev Trevor Gribben and the newly appointed Deputy Clerk, Rev Dr David Allen, as they carry out the work of the General Secretary’s Department and as the various Councils meet during the week.
  • Council for Training in Ministry | Four ministry students completed college studies in May, have now been licensed and are serving as assistant ministers. Pray for Philip Boyd (serving in Legacurry), Richard Hill (Newmills), John McCracken (Ravenhill) and James O’Neill (Maze and Ballinderry).