In this moment

A prayer for rest in this strange season of summer
Lord of changing seasons,
we thank you for summer.
This year, like everything else, our summer feels different:
our holiday plans have been disrupted,
our church life feels like it is winding up not down,
school holidays feel like an extension of lockdown,
rather than a welcome change of rhythm and routine.
Often, we treat summer like an escape from reality,
but this year we need it to offer rest on an unfinished journey.
We come to you as reeds bruised by a stormy spring,
knowing that you desire to lift us up, not break us.
The smoldering wick of our spirit burns low,
but you want to fan it back into flame,
not see it snuffed out.
Shine again upon our lives like summer sun.
Calm our troubled souls like summer breeze.
Help us to relax into the carefreeness of long summer days
So renew us in mind.
Refresh us in body.
Restore us in spirit.
Recreate us again this summer,
that we might better bear again the likeness of your Son,
and find our rest in him.
In Jesus’ Name.

Sunday 12 July

God’s presence with us

  • Give thanks that God is with us to speak to comfort and challenge, encourage and equip as we meet, either physically or virtually, around his Word to worship on his day.
  • Pray for a real and special sense of the Holy Spirit in praise, prayer, preaching and teaching as congregations and their members worship in church buildings or their own homes.

Monday 13 July

Return to work

  • Give thanks for the opportunity of an increasing number of people to gradually begin to return to work and find pleasure again in fulfilling God’s calling in their employment.
  • Pray for all returning to work, either from home or in the workplace, that they will be fruitful and effective in playing their part in getting daily life and the economy back to more normal patterns.

Tuesday 14 July

Local communities

  • Give thanks for the return to life of local communities as shops and services begin to reopen and become the focal points for friends and neighbours meeting once again.
  • Pray for business owners as they continue to grapple with the limitations of social distancing, asking that God would enable them to be creative and imaginative in ensuring safety and profitability.

Wednesday 15 July

Ongoing witness

  • Give thanks for the many ways congregations and their members have been able to show and share God’s love throughout the period of lockdown.
  • Pray that God would enable the building of ongoing relationships with those with whom churches and their members have made new points of contact, asking that gospel opportunities will follow.

Thursday 16 July

Global mission

  • Give thanks for God’s protection of PCI global mission workers in many different, and sometimes particularly dangerous, situations across the globe during the ongoing pandemic.
  • Pray that the witness of PCI Global mission workers, partners and other Christian organisations would bring the light and life of Christ to bear among those who do not yet know him.

Friday 17 July

Those still shielding

  • Give thanks for the patience and perseverance of those who have had to shield and exercise greatest caution and restraint during lockdown due to underlying health conditions.
  • Pray that as some shielding restrictions are relaxed, a greater freedom and confidence will be enjoyed by those gradually beginning to edge back to a more normal rhythm of life.

Saturday 18 July


  • Give thanks to God for the prolonged spell of good weather which has been his gift to us making bearing the restrictions of lockdown easier.
  • Pray that the summer period will bring much needed rest, renewal and relaxation to a society that has suffered stress and been stretched by the circumstances of coronavirus and lockdown.