Sunday 11 June

  • Moderator | Thank you that your grace works powerfully through weakness. Help us to speak this truth to our weak lives, that your glory will be displayed by them.
  • Worship in the family of God | ‘Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters.’ Hebrews 13:1. Give thanks for your congregational family and ask that God would bless your time together in worship today.

Monday 12 June

  • Edwin and Anne Kibathi (global mission workers, England) | Give thanks for the visit of the PCI Moderator to PCEA UK Outreach, East London on 11 June. Pray that events planned for the summer months will have spiritual impact, bringing glory to God.
  • Student Christian Organisation of Malawi (SCOM), Malawi | Pray for SCOM’s work amongst underprivileged students in Lilongwe, supporting them in the development of skills for life and in the meeting of material need.

Tuesday 13 June

  • Rev Lesley Ann Wilson, part-time chaplain in Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre | Pray for a settled environment for staff and teenagers over the summer months when there is no school and days are long. Pray for Holy Spirit inspired conversations and opportunities to pray with teenagers as Lesley Ann provides weekly art and creative writing workshops.
  • Maynooth | Pray for all working on the construction site of the new building and that when completed, it will be a blessing to the church and to the wider community. Pray for the summer period as Rev Dr Keith McCrory takes a time of sabbatical and for the various youth programmes taking place; that those involved will grow in their faith.

Wednesday 14 June

  • Csaba and Ilona Veres (global mission workers, Romania) | Pray for Csaba and Ilona as they take forward arrangements to participate in a number of youth and children’s summer camps in Hungary in July and August.
  • Faculté Jean Calvin (FJC), France | Pray for FJC Director, Kim Tran, and other Faculty members as they provide on-campus and online training for over 130 Christian leaders in French-speaking Europe and North Africa.

Thursday 15 June

  • Healthcare chaplains | Pray for all of PCI’s healthcare chaplains; that they would be filled with and demonstrate the compassion and mercy of the Lord Jesus through their interactions with patients, families and all staff within healthcare settings.
  • Naas, Co Kildare | Praise the Lord that following a recent eldership election, Naas congregation now have an elder elect undergoing training. Please pray for the witness of the congregation within the ever-expanding town of Naas, and by its members throughout the week.

Friday 16 June

  • Mental Health | None of us knows when we or those known to us will suffer from poor mental health. Pray for adequate funding for our Health Trusts to provide services in the community. Pray that God will be close to those suffering from depression & other mental health problems. Grant patience and wisdom to their families and carers.
  • Abortion | As the implementation of recent abortion legislation is reviewed in the Republic of Ireland and legislative proposals to further liberalise the current regime is considered, pray that elected representatives would seek to value and pursue the wellbeing of both unborn children and women.

Saturday 17 June

  • General Council | Pray for the meetings of the General Assembly, taking place from 21 to 24 June. Pray for ministers, elders & others who have been invited to be in attendance. Pray that this, first and foremost, might be a time when our Church meeting in General Assembly, knows the presence & leading of the Lord Jesus, Head & King of his Church.
  • Training in Ministry | The Council will report to the Assembly on 24 June on its work during the past church year. Whilst there are many challenges, there is much to give thanks for. Pray that the Church will truly praise the Lord for his blessings in this area, and will respond by seeking to serve him with renewed vigour in the power of the Holy Spirit.