Sunday 11 December

  • Moderator | Remember the Moderator as he attends a number of civic carol services over the next few days and that, as he represents the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, he might have good & fruitful conversations with others present.
  • Worship as offering this Christmas | On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, & they bowed down & worshipped him. Then they opened their treasures & presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense & myrrh. Matthew 2:11. Pray that our worship this Christmas season will be marked by awe & self-sacrificial giving to Christ.

Monday 12 December

  • James and Heather Cochrane (global mission workers, Portugal) | Pray for ongoing leadership training at CPV to be up-building for all who attend, and to be able to identify those God is calling to serve as elders and/or deacons.
  • Grupos Biblicos Unídos, Spain | Pray that God would raise up a full-time GBU Staff worker for the North of Spain for work in the universities and with high school students.

Tuesday 13 December

  • Jason Sime (community outreach worker, Alexandra) | Give thanks for recent events such as Messy Church and the Christmas Market. Pray that the congregation can reach the community through the upcoming Christmas events including the family Santa Breakfast, Lantern Parade and community carol service.
  • Craigavon | Pray for positive responses to the community outreach activities the congregation are involved in this festive season. Pray for Lachlan Webster and those covering for him while he is off work recovering from spinal surgery which is scheduled for mid-December.

Wednesday 14 December

  • Volker and Jinhyeog Glissmann (global mission workers, Southern Africa) | Pray for Volker as he interviews TEE leaders throughout Africa, exploring TEE’s historical development, challenges and potential in the 21st
  • Pakistan | Pray for Arete: Institute of Leadership and Management and for its Director, Rev. Dr. Maqsood Kamil, endeavouring to prepare godly, Christian leaders for service in the church in Pakistan.

Thursday 15 December

  • South Belfast Friendship House | Pray for the Hotel Family Outreach programme, that meaningful relationships with those who come will be gained and that they will know that the work is being done in the name of Jesus. Pray for the families as they adapt to a new way of life and as they wait to hear where they will be housed.
  • Donabate, Co Dublin | Pray for the Christmas events taking place in December and give thanks that the congregation can celebrate Christmas without restrictions. Pray that they connect with people in the community and that ultimately, they get connected to Jesus.

Friday 16 December

  • Kinghan Church | Kinghan Church is situated on Botanic Avenue in Belfast and provides a vital service and witness to the deaf community. Give thanks for Judith Lyness and Claire Nicholson and the witness of the Kinghan Church throughout the generations. Give thanks for the Kinghan Church Committee and Task Group – ask God to give them strength and wisdom. Pray for the elderly, sick and infirm, especially those feeling isolated.
  • Government of Ireland | As Leo Varadkar prepares to take up his role as Taoiseach and other ministerial changes are anticipated, pray for all who lead that they would be wise in their decision-making and seek to make and uphold laws that allow us to ‘live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness’ (2 Tim 2:1-2).

Saturday 17 December

  • General Council | Remember the staff in the General Secretary’s Department as they complete several pieces of work prior to the Christmas break. Pray especially for the vacancy of an administrative post in the department – that the right person might apply and be appointed.
  • Training in Ministry | Give thanks for the completion of another term at Union College, and pray for students and staff – that they would be blessed with rest and refreshment over the Christmas break. Pray too for those in congregational placements, that they would benefit from being part of the church family that they are placed in – both for their own walk with the Lord, and their preparation for ministry.