Sunday 10 October

  • Moderator | Pray for the Moderator, now in his second year of office, as he is able to resume more visits to churches & attendance at various public events on behalf of PCI. Pray for safety for him & for Zoe as they travel and as they seek to connect with and encourage congregations and engage with external organisations.
  • Refreshed by God in worship | In these days when many are tired and weary through the stresses and strains of living through the difficulties of the last 18 months, pray that as we gather for worship we will know God’s refreshing of heart, soul, mind and strength.

Monday 11 October

  • Global Mission Workers | Pray for the families of global mission workers who have young adults starting or settling back into tertiary education. Pray for families as they adjust to the changes and that students will settle well into their studies, university / college life, and life in UK / Ireland.
  • Middle East | Pray for the staff and students of JETS as they continue teaching and learning. Pray too for Christian churches in the region as they reach out to refugees who are traumatised by recent experiences.

Tuesday 12 October

  • Forces Chaplains | Pray for the families of our 11 Forces Chaplains; often the requirements of duty mean long periods of separation for chaplains and their families.
  • Forces Chaplains | Pray for Rev Simon Hamilton, recently appointed as chaplain and already deployed overseas, that the Lord will make his ministry a blessing to the ship’s crew where he serves.

Wednesday 13 October

  • Malawi | Pray for the work and witness of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP). Pray especially for its healthcare ministries. Pray for protection for healthcare staff and for cases of Covid-19 to be kept to a minimum in CCAP’s hospitals and healthcare facilities.
  • Indonesia | Give thanks that the members of the Evangelical Christian Church of Timor have remained a strong community of faith despite the crises of Covid-19 and devastation caused by Cyclone Seroja.

Thursday 14 October

  • Prison Chaplains | Pray for PCI’s prison chaplains: Rev Graham Stockdale (full-time); and Rev Colin Megaw (part-time) and Rev Gary Aitcheson (part-time). Remember them as they meet with prisoners and share the message of hope and transformation which is available to everyone through Christ.
  • Irvinestown, Pettigo & Tempo, Co Fermanagh | Pray for ongoing true conversions to Christ to take place wherever the different groups in our congregations gather together. Give thanks for a growing hunger for God and his gospel that is manifest in small but significant ways.

Friday 15 October

  • Social Witness | Pray for those who have survived abuse & are in recovery, that they may find the appropriate help, a safe place & ongoing support. Pray for those who have yet to tell their story, that they may find the strength to disclose. Give thanks for individuals & organisations who provide specialist help & training in this area.
  • Adoption | The NI Assembly is considering reforms to legislation around adoption, fostering and looked after children & young people. Give thanks for those who provide care to children & young people – families and social workers – and pray that through these reforms better pathways and support would be available for all involved.

Saturday 16 October

  • General Council | Pray for the meeting of the Church Leaders taking place this week as they consider sensitive and sometimes complex issues affecting not only the churches, but also the perception of the church in wider society and the public square.
  • Training in Ministry | The Pastoral Care for Ministers and Their Families Panel meets this Tuesday, 19 October at 11am. Give thanks for the support that the Panel gives, and pray for it and its convener, Rev Niall Lockhart, that the Lord will use it to encourage and sustain ministers and their families as they serve him in these challenging times.