Sunday 1 January

  • Moderator | A new year is a great time to be praying for the Lord to help us find fresh new starts in particular areas of our lives… prayer, worship, volunteering, witnessing, loving… adventures await.
  • Worship: Praise and promise | ‘Praise awaits you, our God, in Zion: to you our vows will be fulfilled.’ Psalm 65:1. As we enter a new year in worship, pray that our hearts will be filled with praise to God and that we would offer our lives afresh in rededication to him.

Monday 2 January

  • Naomi Leremore (global mission worker, Kenya) | Give thanks for Naomi’s work and the progress of the PCEA Theological Education by Extension Programme, and pray for the new TEE groups recently enrolled.
  • Church of North India (CNI) | Give thanks for the 17th Ordinary Meeting of CNI Synod which took place recently in New Delhi and pray for wisdom and guidance in the process of appointing a new CNI General Secretary.

Tuesday 3 January

  • Hospital chaplains | Pray for all of PCI’s hospital chaplains as they serve in their different settings. Pray that the love and compassion of the Lord Jesus would be felt as they relate to staff, patients and their families.
  • Donegal and Stranorlar | Pray for the congregations as they seek to be a witness to their surrounding communities, that those around them would be drawn to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Wednesday 4 January

  • Derek & Jane French (global mission workers, Spain) | Pray that Derek and Jane would be strengthened, guided and encouraged at the outset of the New Year as they continue serving with the Bilbao International Church.
  • Christian Presbyterian Church of Portugal (ICPP) | Pray for the leadership of the ICPP as they seek God’s way forward in relation to the growth and development of the Church during 2023, not least amongst young people.

Thursday 5 January

  • University Chaplains | Pray for PCI’s university and college chaplains as they seek to reach and care for students. Pray that God would guide the chaplains to those who need support and to hear the transformative message of the gospel.
  • Drogheda | Pray for Rev Damien Burke and the congregation, that as they meet each week, they would grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord Jesus and be drawn closer as a fellowship of God’s people.

Friday 6 January

  • Social Witness | Many older and vulnerable people are falling victim to a wide range of scams. They are being targeted and exploited by telephone, email & postal methods. Vulnerability to scams is often the result of loneliness and isolation. Pray that we will all become more aware of those who are lonely and isolated in our communities.
  • Public square | Pray for all who work in the public square, and especially those within your own congregation who carry great responsibilities – for example those who run their own businesses, or work in media, the emergency services, healthcare workers, teachers and civil servants.

Saturday 7 January

  • General Council | Pray for those involved in overseeing the financial affairs of our congregations as they draw up accounts for the year that has now gone and assist their congregational committee in planning for the year ahead.
  • Council for Training in Ministry (CTM) | Over the next number of weeks, trainees on the Accredited Preacher Scheme will have their final assessment. They will conduct a full service, and be assessed by someone appointed by Pray for trainees, that the Lord would use them in these services, and that assessors would be guided by God in drawing up their reports.