Palm Branches and Shouting Stones!

The Sunday before Easter has a special name, it is called ‘Palm Sunday’. Do you know why? It’s because of something that happened when Jesus came into a city called Jerusalem on a donkey. Something to do with palm tree branches…Read the story below about that day and also listen for what Jesus says about shouting stones! You’ll find this story in your Bible in Matthew 21, Mark 11, Luke 19 and John 12.

‘Let’s go to Jerusalem’, said Jesus to his friends the disciples, ‘I have something important to do there. I want you to borrow a donkey for me to ride into the city. Just tell the owner I need it. He’ll understand’. So the friends borrowed the donkey as Jesus asked, Jesus hopped on its back and off they went.

Lots of people heard Jesus was coming. They really liked Jesus and thought he was the special king they had been waiting for…so they cut down and gathered up palm branches and went out to meet him. They all stood by the side of the road waving the branches and cheering their heads off! ‘Hooray! Hosanna! Here’s the king! Save us Lord!’ Everyone was happy…well, almost everyone. Some of the religious leaders, who thought they were oh so important, were jealous of Jesus. They weren’t happy at all; they were grumpy and cross.

‘Hold on there!’ they scolded. ‘You can’t just parade here. And tell your followers to be quiet and stop that silly cheering. We don’t like it!’ And do you know what Jesus said?

‘If the people keep quiet, the very stones along the road would burst into cheers.’

Shouting stones! Wouldn’t that be something? Can you imagine the stones suddenly shouting, ‘Hurray for Jesus! Here’s the king!’

Now, here’s something to think about…

Jesus said, ‘If the people keep quiet, the very stones along the road would burst into cheers.’ But the people didn’t keep quiet, and we don’t need to be quiet either. We can’t meet in church at the minute but that doesn’t mean we can’t praise Jesus and pray to Jesus like we always do. Why don’t you have a look on YouTube for your favourite worship song with actions and sing praises to Jesus right now! And next time you’re on the beach you could bring home a stone to remind you of the shouting stones!

Let’s pray now – say this prayer aloud: Lord Jesus, we want to praise you and thank you and worship you. You are the King of kings and you love us. Help us to love you more each day. In your name, (say the amen as loud as you can) Amen!

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