First Kid’s – A Friend for Scaredy-Cat

 ‘A friend loves at all times.’ Proverbs 17:17

Let me tell you about a boy called Sam. Sam loved the summer holidays because that meant he could stay with his Uncle Jack on his farm. The farm was brilliant – with lots of fun things to do. One day, Sam was sitting outside with Uncle Jack having a picnic lunch when he noticed something – a little cat was watching them from the bushes. “Here Kitty,” Sam called, but the cat wouldn’t come near them.

“There’s no point calling that cat,” said Uncle Jack, “She’s just a stray that showed up one day and she’s a real scaredy-cat. She won’t go near anyone.”

The next day Sam went out looking for the little cat and there she was sitting under the same bush. Sam thought she looked very sad. “Here Kitty, I’ve brought you something to eat.” But she wouldn’t come out…. so Sam had an idea. He left the food near the bush and walked away. And guess what happened? Very, very slowly, scaredy-cat crept out from her hiding place, looked around, and then quickly ate the little piece of chicken Sam had brought before scurrying back to the bushes again. So the next day Sam did the same thing and the next and the next….and every time he left the food and walked away…out she slowly came.

The next week Sam decided to try something. He sat down outside with his lunch. Then he set a piece of chicken beside him on the grass, but this time he didn’t move, and one paw at a time, little scaredy-cat crept out and came right up beside him! She looked at Sam as if to say, “Will you be my friend?” Sam reached out his hand and gently and softly stroked her back, “Yes Kitty, I’ll be your friend.” And so every day, Sam brought a treat for the little cat and she came out to meet him and sometimes even snuggled up right beside him. And when Uncle Jack came out and saw the two of them he could hardly believe his eyes! “Well, I’m so surprised!” he laughed. “I didn’t think anyone could make friends with Miss Scaredy-Cat. We’ll have to find her a new name!”

“I’ve thought of one”, said Sam. “I’ll just call her Kitty.” Looking over he asked, “Do you like your new name Kitty?” Kitty just snuggled up close and purred and purred.

Boys and girls, Sam was a really good friend to Kitty. It teaches in the Bible that God is our friend always and wants us to be a good friend to others. Why not say a prayer today thanking God for His love and friendship and ask Him to help you to always be a good friend.