First Good News – Sunday 19th July 2020

‘A cheerful look brings joy to the heart and good news gives health to the bones.’ Proverbs 15:30

Hello again everyone. As you know, it is hoped that our church, God willing, will reopen for services from next Sunday, 26th July and so I thought it might be helpful to set out the worship resources available from that date.

THE SUNDAY SERVICE: It is planned to record the service on CD and this will be available to be delivered to anyone who requests a copy. It is hoped this CD recording will also be available to listen to on our website. Please let myself, Sandy, or Jim know if you would like a copy of the CD each week.

The readings and text of the sermon will also be available in printed form (for those who prefer this format) on the website and Facebook page under the ‘First Worship’ tab in the week following each service. This can also be delivered to you or emailed – just let me know.

LET’S PRAY: This will be available to collect at church each Sunday, will continue to be on our website and Facebook page, and can also be emailed or delivered to you. It is also available on PCI’s website each week.

UCB ‘WORD FOR TODAY’: In the past, many of you collected a copy of this at church each quarter. For the foreseeable future, I would ask you to order your own individual copy directly from UCB – the details will be in your copy of Word for Today. They will deliver it to you.

FIRST WORSHIP/ FIRST GOOD NEWS/ FIRST KIDS: These will all cease in their current format from this week. (The CD recording will include a kid’s talk each week.)

I hope that is all clear – if you have any questions ring me anytime. I look forward to seeing many of you back at worship, God willing, from 26th, and for those not able to come back to church yet, stay safe and well, and hopefully the above will be helpful to you.

Every blessing,

Rev Janice