First Good News – Sunday 10th May 2020

Hi everyone. Isn’t the countryside stunning at the moment and the birdsong amazing! I came across this quote from one of our most celebrated authors:

‘Creation is a vivid expression of God’s glory, power and beauty…. When you look at creation, recognise God’s greatness. The same God who created all this is the God who comforts you…Consider His splendour, celebrate His glory and rejoice!’ (Jane Austen)

Thanks again for all your news and photos. Here’s a selection from this week – enjoy!

  • Elizabeth is continuing her recovery and enjoying walks by the shore and harbour.

  • Some of you have been baking:

  • And enjoying ice-creams delivered to your door!

  • You’ve been knitting doll’s clothes:

  • Been out and about on new bicycles and for nature walks:

  • Watching old home movies, sowing grass seed, planting hedges, camping in the garden, enjoying playing with lego….
  • Getting a trim from a family member and working in the garden:

  • One of our members found this poem in a family Bible, written into the Bible in 1947, and very appropriate for today:

I met God in the morning when the day was at its best
and His presence came like sunshine like a glory to my breast.
All day long the presence lingered all day long he stayed with me
and we sailed in perfect calmness over a very troubled sea.
So, I think I know the secret learned from many a troubled way
You must seek Him in the morning if you want him through the day.

  • I’ve been sent this Bible Quiz by one of you although not the answers! Please don’t send your answers to me for marking! When I have the answers, I’ll add them to the next ‘Good News’.

 QUIZ (All answers relate to events etc in the Bible) The 1st one is given as an example. Have fun.

  1. 66BITB.  66 books in the Bible
  2. 6DOC
  3. JFT5000
  4. 10PIE
  5. PDJ3T
  6. 70YEIB
  7. T12DOJ
  8. 40 YITW
  10. JW40DITW
  11. T4HOTA
  12. 9BIM5
  13. 27BITNT
  14. 5LA2FF5000
  15. JSL14YFR
  16. TPOT10V
  18. 39BIOT
  19. PR39L5T
  20. 7LTT7C
  21. O 1 OT 10 LRTTJ.

I hope you’ve enjoyed some more, ‘Good News’. I’ve been reminded of this verse from Proverbs – very appropriate:

Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.’ Proverbs 25:25