First Kids – Favourite Food Yum! Yum!

First Kids - Favourite Food Yum! Yum! Hi boys and girls. Do you have any favourite food? I do! Here’s my prayer idea for this week: Think of all your favourite food. Weave your favourites into a prayer. Write the prayer down and for added fun why not draw the food as well. Take a

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First Kids – Penny Prayers

First Kids - Penny Prayers Hi everybody. Do you remember some time ago in church we thought about prayers based on a one pence coin? I thought we could do that again focusing on the virus and lockdown. Here’s my idea: FIRSTLY, SEE IF YOU CAN FIND A ONE PENCE COIN HOLD THE COIN

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First Kids – Peter Meets Jesus

Hi boys and girls. This is a story about Peter meeting Jesus at the seaside. They have a BBQ and then Jesus gives Peter a very important job to do. Get someone to read the story - there are bits for everyone to join in. If you hear these words: Fishing: Pretend you’re casting a

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First Kids – Believe It Or Not

Hi everyone. Today we are going to think about true and false. Get someone to read out these amazing facts. Put your thumb up if you believe each one is true and thumbs down if you believe it’s false. (answers at the end) So, true or false? Crocodiles can climb trees. Ants never sleep. Mosquitoes

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First Kids – Good Friday: A Sad Day

Boys and girls, I’ve got two stories for you, one for the day we call, ‘Good Friday’ and the other for Easter Sunday morning. These are stories for everyone to join in with – so someone read the story and every time you hear the word, ‘Listen’, everyone put their finger to their lips and

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First Kids – Palm Branches and Shouting Stones!

Palm Branches and Shouting Stones! The Sunday before Easter has a special name, it is called ‘Palm Sunday’. Do you know why? It’s because of something that happened when Jesus came into a city called Jerusalem on a donkey. Something to do with palm tree branches…Read the story below about that day and also

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