First Kids: A Friend for Scaredy-Cat

First Kid's - A Friend for Scaredy-Cat  ‘A friend loves at all times.’ Proverbs 17:17 Let me tell you about a boy called Sam. Sam loved the summer holidays because that meant he could stay with his Uncle Jack on his farm. The farm was brilliant – with lots of fun things to do. One

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First Kids: Shipwreck!

First Kid's - Shipwreck! Have you ever heard of a shipwreck? That means a ship sails into trouble maybe in a storm or by hitting rocks. I’m sure it would be very frightening. In the Bible a man called Paul was involved in a shipwreck….but was he worried or frightened? Not at all! Why

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First Kids: A Change of Direction

First Kid's - A Change of Direction Hi everyone. I hope you’ve had a good week. Do you like to play games in the garden? I do. I like to play with a bat and ball – Tim throws the ball and I whack it as hard as I can with the bat sending the

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First Kids – Prayer Helicopters

First Kids - Prayer Helicopters Hi everyone. I hope you’ve had a good week. Here’s an idea for something to make to remind us all to pray. Take a piece of strong paper or card and draw the shape below or use mine as a template. On the back maybe you could write or

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First Kids – Favourite Food Yum! Yum!

First Kids - Favourite Food Yum! Yum! Hi boys and girls. Do you have any favourite food? I do! Here’s my prayer idea for this week: Think of all your favourite food. Weave your favourites into a prayer. Write the prayer down and for added fun why not draw the food as well. Take a

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